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+700 new leads and centralised data for Nordic IoT connectivity provider

A world-leading provider of IoT connectivity solutions, COM4 tailor all their solutions for optimal performance and reliability to companies.

They are based in the Nordics, but they supply their tailor-made IoT all around the world.

Meet Amina, our point of contact at Com4 


Amina Kristensen has worked inside marketing departments at some global household names in the past but wanted to get more opportunities to make an impact and grow her skills. This is why she made the move to Com4 where she operates as CMO, using 6 agencies as her marketing department.

“I like to take pride in what I’m putting together,” she said. “And this structure gives much more opportunity and exposure to more areas of marketing.”

As a former client conact of Avidly, we were excited when Amina approached us about supporting her in her new role at Com4.

From her point of view, “It was a no-brainer to return to working with Avidly.” 

Amina takes great pride in building wider processes that's why being a one-person in-house marketing team that owns everything end to end was suited to her.




Before Amina joined Com4, there was no marketing function.  There were no in-house marketing team members. The sales and leadership team were the ones driving marketing when they could.

  • Brand direction and control was not established
  • There was no dedicated marketing resources
  • Marketing was ad-hoc and ineffective

To scale as a business, they knew this approach was unsustainable and they needed to bring someone in-house who could bring everything together.

They needed to make their marketing efforts more professional. They knew that bringing in Amina would help to drive this and eliminate many of the common problems associated with having no marketing team. Such as conflicting messaging, an inability to adapt quickly and struggling drive growth as a result.

Here's what they needed from Avidly : 

  • A supportive and trustworthy partner who could collaborate with Amina on strategy and direction
  • HubSpot experts to get the most from the platform they’d invested in
  • An extension to their Marketing team of external partners.


On the relationship with Avidly

“What’s great about working with Avidly is that I don’t feel alone. The majority of people here are engineers or in sales functions but I can call or email Avidly and get the support I need… That’s a great feeling knowing I’m not alone.”

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Amina Kristensen


Com4 invested in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and CMS Hub, as well as a Salesforce integration so HubSpot data was fed into their CRM. This bespoke integration was handled in-house but relied on collaboration with Avidly’s team.

Initially, their support from Avidly came in the form of Branding, Website Design & Development. This went so successfully that the initial work progressed into a retainer with ongoing Growth-Driven Design agile work for development and design work on the website to add new functionalities and features and optimise the website

Alongside the website work, we also worked with them on marketing strategy and delivery which included but was not limited to:

  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Creative for paid ads and social media 
  • Content planning and creation for website and SEO purposes
  • Optimising existing Com4 content
  • Technical and off-site SEO
  • Email automation, including email designing and building

All of this relied on working in close collaboration with Amina and Com4’s other agencies, as well as the in-house technical experts who produced some email copy.

Results & Impact


From 0 to 700 inbound leads in less than a year

Before working with Avidly, the Com4 website and digital marketing was attributed with zero leads. With everything being sales-led this of course makes sense.

Since creating a clear brand, and effective website and leveraging HubSpot together, Com4 have seen:

  • 50% increase in website traffic year-on-year
  • 700+ leads from inbound marketing in 6 months
  • 240 Sales Qualified Leads from those marketing efforts

But there are also some more intangibale benefits that have had a great impact on Com4’s success.

Single source of truth

The one thing every company wants when they start using HubSpot is to be able to get clear visibility over everything and this was no different for Com4. 

A single data source has made it easier for them to have the complete picture, make informed strategies and ensure that all their messaging is tailored to their audience.  

Amina said, 'We can now track everything… It’s all in one place. It’s fantastic. This is the beauty of HubSpot.”

A true sense of team around Amina

As a one person marketing team, it would be easy for Amina to feel overwhelmedand isolated. But with a team of people at Avidly who are just as passionate about their services as her, this isn't the case. 

Amina said, "What’s great about working with Avidly is that I don’t feel alone. The majority of people here are engineers or in sales functions but I can call or email Avidly and get the support I need… That’s a great feeling knowing I’m not alone."

She goes on to talk about when issues arise and how that might be tricky if there wasn't people there to support her, brainstorm and come up with solutions.

"When new issues arise like they do in our world, then I speak to Nghiem (Avidly account manager) and then it’s fixed. You need companies like Avidly as you’re a powerhouse and you have such competence."

Skärmavbild 2024-05-01 kl. 16.29.39

The Avidly team received thank you gifts on the day of the website launch.

The power of HubSpot

We asked Amina a really simple question - without HubSpot and Avidly, what would your working life be like? She answered, "Really dull! And back to old-fashioned marketing.HubSpot is one of the best marketing tools because it’s very intuitive and very easy to use, the security aspects are there compared to other options."

Combine that with some amazing results and you can see why Com4 are so invested in HubSpot and continue to maximise their platform use.


Increase in traffic since the website launched

700 leads

Within 6 months of launching campaigns


health as part of Avidly benchmark being met on launch

240 SQLs

Of the 700 leads within 6 months, 240 where SQLs

Could your business use more traffic, more leads and more sales opportunities?

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