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7 Quick Wins For Boosting Homepage Conversion

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Your homepage is one of the most visited pages on your entire site. It needs to look incredible and engage with your visitors. But most importantly, it needs to convert visitors into leads.

As you get so much traffic through your homepage, it’s a waste if you don’t have any conversion opportunities on your page. We’ve got some quick ways you can boost your homepage conversion. Most of these are fast tips which you can get implemented in an afternoon.

1. Add Trust Badges

As there are so many websites out there, it’s difficult to determine which sites you can actually trust. Trust badges are a symbol of proof that your site is trustworthy and it’s safe for visitors to navigate. Especially when they’re dealing with an ecommerce site, visitors want to be sure your site is safe and secure to use.

trust badges

Security trust badges like Symantec and Comodo Secure show you have SSL certification. Having a TRUSTe badge gives customers the assurance their contact and banking information is safe.

You should already have security software on your site. Get the badges of the businesses you’ve bought from and put them on your homepage so these badges are the first thing your online visitors see.

2. Add CTAs

Call-to-actions are vital for conversion. Having CTAs on your homepage can be seen by brand new visitors and convert them into valuable contacts. You can’t just throw any type of CTAs on your homepage. There’s nothing wrong with having 2-3 CTAs scattered around your homepage but you need to be thinking about the people who will be seeing these call-to-actions.

What type of CTA will be most engaging? As it’s your homepage, CTAs that tell the visitor more about your business and what you do can be useful. Just remember, the designs of your call-to-actions need to be professional and match your brand.

cta examples graphic

At Digital 22, we create CTAs for websites that want to improve their conversion optimisation,  we understand how call-to-actions play crucial roles in conversion so they need to be right.

3. Get To The Point!

Your visitors shouldn’t have to read an essay when they land on your site. Remember most online visitors will only stay on your site for about 15 seconds before they decide to leave. It’s important you get straight to the point.

As it’s your homepage, you don’t need lots of content on your page. See your home page as your main promotional canvas. Keep your content short and compelling.

blog content nav bar example graphic

Want even more tips? Here's how you can boost the overall conversion rate of your website in 24 hours!

4. Engage With Your Persona

When designing your homepage, keep your ideal buyer persona in mind. Most of your traffic will be your target audience and your homepage needs to instantly engage with them. Think about what they are looking for when they’re searching for a site like yours. You want a potential customer to land on your site and say ‘this is exactly what I’m looking for.’

persona graphic examples

Don’t be afraid of using more images on your homepage. Images can speak louder than words. Your images should show your products/services and all your content should be engaging with the reader.

5. No Mistakes


People don’t like seeing errors on websites. Spelling mistakes and factual errors can undermine any trust a person has in your business. It’s a basic belief that professional companies don’t make mistakes so... NO mistakes!

no stop sign cartoon graphic

Read through your homepage to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, broken links or incorrect information. Remember your homepage is the first page some people see, it doesn’t look good seeing errors. They will likely go to another company and do business with them.

6. Attractive Images

Images are very useful in boosting homepage conversion. As I said before, images can speak louder than words. Images are excellent at telling stories and sharing important information. They’re also great for keeping people’s attention on your homepage.

example of images graphic

Images should be excellent quality and they should also be relevant to your business. Most people who arrive on your homepage will look at your images first before they start reading, even if they do this unconsciously.

7. Improve Site Speed

Improving your site speed is one of the best ways to improve homepage conversion. People don’t have the patience to wait for a site that takes 3 seconds to load. You can lose potential customers before your website has even finished loading.

loading wheels graphic example

There are ways you can reduce loading times by:

  • Reducing image sizes: Big images take longer to load and if people are visiting your site via their mobiles they might be relying on weak WiFi connection. The more they have to load, the longer they have to wait.
  • Use JPEG for images: Don’t use BMPs. You can use GIFs as long as they are small otherwise don’t put them on your homepage.
  • Minimise HTTP Requests: reduce scripts and use CSS instead of images.

If you feel like your homepage is in serious need of help, then you may need to accept the fact it's time for a website redesign.

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