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How to: choosing the right inbound marketing agency for you

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You have discovered that inbound marketing is a method you want to try. You know it brings results and all you want to do is get started. But now you have to pick an agency to help.

The decision to hire an agency might be easy, but choosing the right one can be rather tricky. It is similar to when you are hiring a new member of staff. The skills and knowledge an agency brings to the table can be vital for your success. 

Inbound marketing is more popular than ever and there is no end to agencies wanting to say that they are inbound experts ready to help. Here are 7 questions that will help you identify what inbound agency is right for you. 

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Do they understand what you do?

Do they understand what you do?

What questions do they ask during the sales process? Are they able to identify your frustrations and provide solutions? It is vital to find an agency that understands your company’s challenges and knows how to solve them.

Are you sure they understand what you do? Ask them to pretend to be the CEO of your company and let them explain what you deliver and what drives the company. If they are able to fill this role, they are able to run your inbound marketing.


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Do they use the methodology themselves?

There is nothing more strange than a company that does not use its own methods. Imagine a company that sells social media marketing, but only has 200 followers on Facebook. Some might say this is a clear “red flag”.

Does the company you are considering blog often? Are they ranking well for the keywords that are important to them? Do they use CTAs and downloadable content to gather leads? You should always be able to ask them about their own inbound marketing.

If they cannot follow the methodology themselves, how can you expect them to get you any results?

Do they have the skills you need? Do they have the skills you need?

The whole point of using an agency is to acquire the skills and resources your company does not already have. You should look for an agency that covers the areas you need the most help with, whether it be social media, design, content or project management. 

Try to steer away from agencies claiming they can do it all. Define what you want to focus on and find someone who can help you with exactly this.

Do they have a sales team? Do they have a sales team?

To have an efficient growth strategy it is essential that sales and marketing work together, which is why sales enablement is essential to inbound. With inbound marketing, you are constantly driving leads to your website and blog, then warming them up through the buyer’s journey in order to pass them on to sales.

A good inbound agency should, therefore, have a well-functioning sales team to ensure that you get to optimize the collaboration between your departments. 

Do they have good references?

To hire an inbound agency is fairly similar to hiring a new member of staff. During this process, it is common to talk to references. Many agencies have testimonials on their websites or can provide clients you can call upon request.

How do they manage the unexpected? How do they manage the unexpected?

Sometimes, things just don’t turn out as planned. It is unavoidable. The question is: How does your agency handle this? How will they manage the unforeseen, and how will they get you through it? 

How do they report on results? 

One of the best things about inbound marketing is that you can measure and analyse every marketing effort. This is essential for success. The company you choose to work with should be able to provide you with KPIs( key performance indicators), as well as clear reports for everything they do for you. You’ll also want to find an agency that takes responsibility for driving results and that will be transparent.

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