Sales enablement

The days of cold calling and unproductive customer meetings are over. Sales enablement is about giving the sales department tools and processes that allow for improved sales dialogues and more qualified meetings.

The automatization of trivial tasks enables you to focus on purposeful guidance, establishing a comfortable customer experience.


Why sales enablement?

The power balance between consumer and supplier has changed significantly. Due to the internet, the power has shifted in favor of the consumer, meaning that the supplier’s role has changed tremendously.

According to recent research, 70% of purchasing decisions have been carried out by the customer before they wish to be contacted by a supplier. When the customers finally reveal themselves, they are usually quite prepared and well-informed.

Though the good news is that the customers still wish to buy from trustworthy humans that can provide them with help. They basically don’t want to purchase before the time is right. However, if your sales reps are not prepared, you might have just lost a deal.

If you wish for your sales reps to remain productive and relevant to the customers and create profit for the business, it’s necessary to update their expertise and tools.

Sales enablement bridges the gap between marketing and sales

The gap between marketing and sales is a classic problem. The two departments often repel each other, going in opposite directions. Yet, the two departments could improve one another by finding common ground.

The optimization of the cooperation between the two departments is one of the cornerstones of the sales enablement’s work. The optimization enables marketing to support sales efficiently.

How can Avidly help?

Sales enablement consists of processes, tools, and content. The management of these components depends on the given organization. We provide help by:

  • Mapping out your current sales process and improving it.
  • Implementing HubSpot CRM and teaching its functions to your sellers.
  • Building a bridge between marketing and sales with a Service Level Agreement.
  • Developing sales content such as customer cases, e-mail templates, presentations, and business proposal templates.
Jesper Toft

Going forward?

If you want to know how you can benefit from sales enablement, then hit us up for a non-binding conversation. Call our Head of Sales Enablement Jesper Toft: +45 4045 3522, or book an appointment in his calendar.

True to the principles of sales enablement, we can assure you that he won’t load you with offers that you don’t need -or are not ready for yet.

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