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In a creative role, have you ever been in a situation where somebody puts you on the spot to create a snazzy title, email copy or graphic? The spotlight is on you. You panic. It isn't what they wanted and you feel they're questioning how creative you really are.

You let yourself down. You let your parents down. It's time to find a new job.

Alright, that's a bit of an overreaction, but it's something creatives often feel. But what makes someone a creative in the first place? That's exactly what Bilal discusses in the first episode of his Design vs podcast.

Joined by Molly, the two kick things off with a light discussion/debate on what makes anyone creative and how creativity works at Digital 22. Interested to hear their insights? Hit the play button below to tune into episode one.


What is creativity? How can someone be creative?

Creativity is more than just making a poster look nice or putting fancy words on a piece of paper. Bilal and Molly explain that everyone is born creative, especially when you're younger and in school where you're pushed to explore.

But as you grow up and fall into certain careers, it can be easy to become less and less creative.


Signs you're a creative person

A lot of people assume they aren't creative. But Molly and Bilal run through some signs which suggest you're a creative person. Some of these include:

  • You enjoy solving problems
  • You're your own worst critic
  • You're numb to rejection
  • You think most people have poor taste
  • You constantly seek inspiration
  • You don't bend to pressure

And plenty more. Want to know some of the other signs of being a creative? hit the play button to find out.

What else?

In the bumper first episode, Bilal and Molly packed in plenty of talking points when discussing design vs creativity. They run through:

  • Why everyone is creative when you really think about it
  • How creativity works at Digital 22
  • What the differences are between a designer and a creative
  • Whether the two can interchange
  • If creativity can exist without design

Plus loads more. If you want to hear the debate and arguments from both sides, don't miss out.


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