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4 Ways Custom Web Pages Will Save You Money And Grow Your Business

As your business grows, your website needs to grow with it. Abespoke website is designed and developed just for your business.  Your chosen  design agency should have a full briefing with you and your team to really get to know about your business, how you work, challenges you are facing and your goals.
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Armed with this info, the design team can get their creative juices flowing and design custom web pages to suit you down to the ground. It’s not going to look the same as 1000’s of other pages out there, it will be unique. We’ve compiled some more unmissable benefits of custom website design below:

1. Can You Make Changes With A Template?

You’ll be in control of making changes, with a template you’re extremely limited apart from changing a few images. If you already have a brand identity, this can be mirrored across your site meaning that your online and offline (brochures, flyers, etc) publications are all in unison with each other meaning your customers can see brand recognition.

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2. Will A Template Grow With Your Business?

As your business grows, your website needs to grow with it. A template is difficult for you to add content, make updates and add new pages. Having a website that can’t be updated accordingly will cost more in the long run.

Businesses grow, adapt, evolve and do new things and your website needs to keep up with the pace!

By starting with an open, flexible custom design that you are in control of - you will save a vast amount of time, effort and more importantly revenue in the long run.

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3. Is A Template Website As Effective As Custom?

Tell tale signs of a fantastic website are getting your messages across, reinforcing it where possible, and of course getting you a return on your investment. A creative design agency will place strong actionable content such as call to actions to help turn your visitors into customers.

The agency will be able to perform split testing to test elements of your pages to see which is most effective, something which you would miss out on if you went down the template route.  

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4. We're Not All The Same

A bit like a horoscope, it’s hard to see how one generic website design or template (or prediction!) could possibly cater to all the different business ideas and company structures that exist today.

Quick tip - it can’t. Your needs will differ greatly from the next and you need a design that reflects this. 

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So, Whats The Answer?

You may still be tempted go down the template route, but consider what you’re compromising on; quality, brand image, usability and the ability to be future-proof. Online presence is huge, and will continue to grow. Find an agency that can meet your business needs and will benefit you and your company.

What Else Will Help?

Having a stunning looking website is great and definitely plays apart - as long as the UX is good too. But your website needs to be a helpful part of your marketing efforts. It should be working to collect leads and giving you contact information so that you can market to people effectively. This is all part of the inbound marketing process.

If you want to read more about how inbound marketing uses digital marketing techniques to give unbelievable ROI and results, have a read of this free intro to inbound.