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In this episode, Bilal takes on one of his own, Lead Web Designer, Dave



But unlike the other Design vs episodes, this isn't a fight. There's more love in this episode than usual as the duo discuss their pathway into design and their advice for aspiring graphic designers 👣

Thinking of joining the team? Take a look at our current vacancies. We're now global, with offices across Scandinavia, Canada and, of course, the UK. 


Listen and learn...

  • Why graphic designers aren't artists 🎨
  • Why ideas are everything 💡
  • The challenges agency designers face daily ⛰️
  • Making the jump from uni to industry 🪂
  • How to work with other designers effectively 🤝

Interested in hearing what the guys have to say? Make sure to hit play and tune in to this week's episode.


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