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Vs Content Round 2 | Design Vs Podcast Ep04

In the first-ever sequel episode of the Design Vs podcast, host Bilal Padia goes for round two with the content team, using Digital 22's Head of Copywriting Paul Mortimer as mediator.


Join us for this tense debate between two digital marketing powerhouse departments and ultimately, you can decide: Does content or design make all the difference in marketing?

If you're feeling like sitting on the fence and just enjoying the show — don't worry. You can follow Paul in giving a cop-out Design Vs Content answer. 

What we bicker about in this episode

  • How content and design work together (sometimes in harmony) to create killer marketing assets 🔪
  • Which should come first in the creation process: content or design? Should we write words to templates? Or work around words to make dashing designs? 🎨
  • The design differences between web copy and other content resources 💻
  • How to inspire creativity and "get that flair going" 💭

Who is this episode for, anyway? 

Anyone with an interest in marketing can listen to any of our podcasts, but we're speaking to agency experts here with the same client, inter-departmental frustrations as us. 


If you're working to tight deadlines and pushing out deliverables as part of a wider process, you'll "get it". 

Prospective clients, too, will get a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and how as creatives, we consider the client before pushing the boundaries. 

Client or co-creative, let us know what you think and share some love by engaging in all the usual tropes. Like, share, subscribe and worship our stuff, if you feel like it.