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Digital 22 Has Acquired The New Media Company

We have some HUGE news. Perhaps the biggest news since we launched 5 years ago… We have acquired the amazingly talented design and development agency, The New Media CompanyThe creative team there has joined forces with our team of inbound marketers, as of today.



Who We Are And What We Specialise In

Digital 22 is a Platinum HubSpot partner. This means we have a well proven track record of delivering successful inbound marketing campaigns for a range of clients.

Internally, all of our staff are inbound certified and we have specific teams who specialise in different aspects of a successful inbound marketing campaign: the strategy and planning, to the quality written content production, people who manage social media, a team completing on and off page SEO, and people who specialise in the various aspects of paid advertising.

But all of the team is attuned and skilled with the inbound marketing process and methodology.


"We are inbound marketing and HubSpot specialists, and we will continue to be so, but we can now offer more creativity in your content."


Who The New Media Company Are And What They Specialise In

The New Media Company who specialise in all things creative. They have a proven track record of making videos, websites, animations, graphics and illustration... anything that needs creative flair.

Here are just some of the accreditations, awards and skills that the team at The New Media Company possess, which are now part of what Digital 22 has to offer its clients;


Why We Are Coming Together And What This Means

The New Media Company workforce will become a part of Digital 22, expand our team to twice its current size and improve our collective skillset immeasurably.

We will now be able to offer truly stunning creative content which will take our inbound marketing to the next level.

Considering that we were already the first Platinum tier agency in the North of England, this really is huge news.


How Could This Help You?

It’s important to note that this does not change the direction of Digital 22. We are inbound marketing and HubSpot specialists, and we will continue to be so, but we can now offer more creativity in your content.

This acquisition will make Digital 22 the largest end-to-end 100% Hubspot agency in the UK.

Thanks to the new team members, we can now offer extra services, which will take the inbound marketing work we do for clients to the next level. These services include:

  • Creative Illustration and Design
  • Web Design (including HubSpot COS)
  • Web Development and Integrations
  • Video, Animation and Motion Graphics


Get In Touch To Talk About Inbound Marketing

If you like the sound of having an inbound marketing agency who also has an in-house creative team to make your content as amazing as it possibly can be, why not get in touch to see how we can help?