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How Can An Agency Write About My Niche?

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The benefits of Inbound Marketing and blogging as a whole are fruitful, but the age old question always crops up: how can an agency write about my niche?


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We understand; how can someone outside your company understand your company’s niche better than those who work in it, especially when it’s such a tailored niche? Believe it or not, some of the leading content pieces are written by those who aren’t involved in it on a daily basis.

Remember, there was a time when your employees weren’t as competent in your industry, and an agency can approach this mastery in the same manner, just with added time and personnel to alleviate your workload.

Okay, But Why Should An Agency Write About My Niche?

Good question, the answers are plentiful but every agency is different so we’ve compiled some of the most common characteristics of a good inbound marketing agency.

Wide Industry Experience

Agencies consist of copywriters who’ve most likely worked in both in-house and agency positions across various industries. Within that team, every content writer will have failed, succeeded, but more so, learnt.


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An agency will allow you to hit the ground running with your blogging as they’ve been creative in the past and made the mistakes so you can avoid them. This trial-and-error learning means more high-quality content and less time wasted; this way you get quality and quantity - a rare find.

That being said, not every industry is the same so there will always be a learning curve with what works in your industry. However, with the ever rising number of digital agencies forming across the UK, the likelihood of finding an agency that’s specialised in your industry is quite surprisingly high.

Unbiased Opinion

Whilst outsourcing work and especially content at first is daunting, it means you’re going to get honest opinion back on your proposals. Agencies are consultants at the end of the day and their success relies on you achieving yours.

Agencies don’t write content for the sake of writing content, targets are agreed ahead of your strategy being executed so there’s always a sense of direction with your content plan. As a result, if an agency feels something won’t work, there’s probably a good reason why.

Constantly Learning

With the time that’s taken in-house to monitor internal processes, agencies can take additional care both with your content and focusing on external processes, such as competitor movements.

An agency knows the best way to create the best content, is to understand how your persona resonates with your own content as well as competitor’s. Agencies have the time to put aside to research not only what your competitors are doing, but also the content they’re producing.  


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Agencies allow you to have an extra pair of eyes on competitors and the inspiration taken will allow a wider creative palette of content to be created until it’s both successful and memorable.

Agencies Take Responsibility; You Remain In Control

With the best inbound marketing agencies you’ll find that there is no feeling of long term commitment or tied-in contracts. These agencies take the time to understand not what your buyer persona wants, but more so, what you want to achieve.

Anything suggested is merely a suggestion. There’s no obligation to pursue it. If you’re not comfortable with it, neither will your agency. Agencies understand to write good quality content about your niche, you have to be completely behind it to transpire authority.

Agencies understand they are one of many, so they’ll go above and beyond to write the best quality content for you. At the end of the day, agencies are merely consultants and can only advise you to the best of their ability. You’ll always have the final say on your blogging and the best inbound agencies will not only understand, but also make you feel like they’re a regular employee.

Most Content Should Be Top Of The Funnel

Closely, following the previous point, agencies understand that writing about your industry generates not only sales, but more so, traffic. You can’t make sales without traffic and that’s why most of the content produced in your inbound marketing strategy will be top of the funnel content, or more affectionately known as, the ‘awareness’ stage.


The stages of the buyers journey

This type of content requires little understanding of your industry as it consists of content being produced to answer questions that both your agency and your prospective customers will share.

In order to answer these types of questions, agencies will go above and beyond to learn the answer so that it contributes towards the best quality content, which will mean you will get both passion and enthusiasm to transpire through your content. This eagerness is something which you will struggle to recreate from someone who works in the industry day-to-day as they’ve probably already answered these questions time and time again.

Greater Flexiblity With Technical Aspects

Agencies also understand to capitalise on traffic growth, they have to create content for all stages of the buyer’s journey - that means the technical aspects have to be touched upon too.

That’s where the flexibility of an agency comes in; if you wish to blog about these features yourself from an experience and authoritative position, not only will your agency incorporate it, but they will also endorse the contribution. Agencies know the best content comes with actionable knowledge for the reader and what better way than coming from those within it.

In short, agencies are here to alleviate workload, re-allocate your time, and generate the best quality content. Therefore, like previously touched upon, you remain in control and can still contribute to your content strategy’s success as you’ll be involved in the content process directly if you so wish.  

An Agency Is Not For Everyone

A good agency always wants what’s best for their current AND prospective clients, sometimes a line has to be drawn in the sand where your niche isn’t a right fit for an agency setting. Maybe there’s too much jargon, technical concepts or maybe you just want to undertake it yourself. The beauty of inbound marketing is anyone can do it and you can find plenty of inbound marketing blogs out there to help you get started.


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