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4 Reasons Why Your Agency Should Try Sales Enablement

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Sales enablement can be massively beneficial to your business. Whether it’s improving productivity, generating better-qualified leads or just generally increasing profit, implementing sales enablement best practices can be massively effective for your company.


But don’t just take our word for it. This post will explain what sales enablement is and why your business should be using it. Trust us, once you’ve started implementing sales enablement best practices, you’ll never look back.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process that focuses on giving your sales department the tools to hold more valuable conversations with prospects and form more qualified leads. Sales enablement is proven to increase productivity. By targeting capabilities within the team, it enables them to work more efficiently and all pull in the same direction towards an agreed end goal.

Sales enablement encourages the alignment of both your sales and marketing departments. Although, in the past, it hasn’t been as simple as that. It’s often the case that sales and marketing departments don’t have the strongest relationship between each other so in some cases, it’s proved difficult for them to dovetail and work well in a partnership.

But, that mentality needs to be left in the past. Your marketing and sales departments need to be aligned more than ever. This is due to buyer behaviour evolving over the years. They’re now more in control of the situation than ever before. Buyers are now more digitally-driven than they’ve ever been, which reiterates the need for your sales and marketing teams to work together and continuously integrate.   

Both departments know different things about the customer, therefore can bring their own ideas and research to the plate. This is a no-brainer that it’ll undoubtedly lead to more detailed leads, so why agencies are opting against it is beyond us.

What are the Benefits of Sales Enablement?

1. Provides Sales Departments With Valuable Data

The more background information that your sales department know about your prospects, then the more angles and scope of conversation they can lead with. You’re cutting out the potential guesswork and saving time that it’d take a salesperson to find out this information in the first place.

By providing your sales team with information surrounding buyer behaviour, motivations and pain points, you’re giving them so many angles to target their sales. Your sales team can dictate how the conversation will flow and what points they’re going to draw on to cement in a sale.

It leaves them in an authoritative position of the sale which is the position you always want to be in.

This increases the chances of converting leads substantially. If you can tailor your approach to something you know that the buyer is struggling with and appeals to them, then you’re starting off in a winning position.

2. Build Strong and Lasting Relationships

Everybody loves receiving a tailored service, don’t they? Whether it’s the local chippy remembering your usual or a marketing agency remembering a prospect’s pain points, needs and concerns,  tailored service is always the way to go.

Think of it this way. As a prospect, are you likely to opt to work with a partner who understands you from top to bottom or the one who is giving a generic speech to just another random name on a list? It’s going to be the first one.

Sales enablement ensures that your sales team has all the information they require in order to develop lasting, meaningful relationships with different prospects over time. So, you’re likely to be in better stead to close a deal.

3. Keep in Touch with Buyers More Effectively

Nurturing a lead is a vital part of maintaining a relationship with a prospect and maximising the potential chances of closing a lead. Randomly calling or dropping an email to leads who haven’t shown any interest is a waste of time for everyone involved.

Sales enablement allows your department to continually nurture qualified leads by providing them with relevant information based on their unique needs. Nurturing leads keeps your company in the mind of the prospect, especially when they’re still in the process of making a decision.

4. More Successful Sales Figures and Increased Revenue

This is the main reason why your company should try sales enablement best practices. If your sales figures and revenue is going to increase, then why would you ever opt against trying it?

Sales enablement results in the increase of closed deals and deal opportunities, therefore the more deals you agree on, the more revenue you’re going to have coming into your business. Winner. All of the above reasons are the explanation for why sales enablement increases your revenue.

Interested in Closing More Deals With Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a relatively new concept and not everyone knows the true benefits of aligning both teams and helping sales teams close more deals, which is where we come in. At Digital 22, we’re industry experts and have all the right tools in place to help your business succeed with sales enablement.

To make it much easier to understand, we’ve created a comprehensive eBook about all things sales enablement to help your sales team close more leads.

From the current state of the sales landscape right through to succeeding with sales enablement and tips on how to realign both teams, grab your free copy and get stuck into all the useful knowledge by hitting the download button below.

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