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How online video marketing can benefit your content strategy

Even though quite a large number of marketers are apprehensive when it comes to video marketing, there's no denying online video is the future. The success story that is YouTube proves how successful video is at grabbing people's attention and bringing them back for more. Along with blogging, you can use online video marketing to benefit your content strategy, here's how:


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Get more relevant traffic

Creating videos as part of your content strategy can significantly increase your traffic. Videos are easily searchable online and by creating a Youtube or Wistia account you can attract viewers. Having links to your website will help bring relevant viewers to your website.

For example: your walkthrough or informative videos on Youtube can be linked to your blogs or how-to guides on your website.


An effective method of communicating with your ideal buyer persona

Blogs play a crucial role in attracting new visitors to your website and videos are effective too. Online video marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with your viewers on an emotional level. They can be powerful influencers.  

As part of your inbound marketing strategy, your videos and can work hand-in-hand with the other content you produce.

Important note: Before you start creating videos and uploading them, you need to sit down and determine what type of videos would your ideal customer want to see and what will engage with them. Will they prefer humour? Animation? Have a brainstorm before you start.


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Improve conversion rate

To achieve a successful inbound marketing plan, you need to show you're a trustworthy company. Videos of your business in-action and helpful Q&As are just a couple of ways you can use video to increase trust in your business. 

By improving your business' credibility, you will also help toward increasing your conversion rate. 


Increase engagement with millennials

Online video marketing is considered to be one of the most effective ways of reaching out to millennials. It guides potential customers along the buyer's journey and the best videos are able to keep a viewer's attention for longer.

Along with millennials, YouTube reaches more 18-49 years olds than any cable network in the US. That is a pretty wide audience right there. 


Gives you an advantage over your competitors

While you've probably heard over and over that video marketing is the future, you'd be surprised that only a small percentage of businesses are actually using video. Some don't understand how to use online video marketing so they're staying as far away as possible. Others think it's too expensive and some hope the trend will die down eventually.

But you can't put your head in the sand. You have to adapt. Video marketing is very effective when used correctly and you can win an advantage over your competition by using it as part of your content strategy.

See, we're using video too

Ready to get started with video?

A business-wide adoption of video can transform how you market, sell, communicate and collaborate.

Video is your biggest opportunity and there's no better time to get started, and with an easy to use 1-1 video platform like Vidyard you can easily start transforming your business today.  To find out how click the link below 

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