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Our Favourite HubSpot Sales Tools and Why We Love Them

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Just like the old saying “behind every great man, there’s a great woman”, behind every great marketing agency, there’s a clever marketing and sales platform tool. We’re in favour of HubSpot - it’s pretty ace and has definitely helped us reach the heights we’re at now, with no signs of stopping.


Here are some of our favourite features of HubSpot’s sales suite that have helped us achieve so much thus far. Without these tools, we wouldn’t be able to boast our Diamond status. Now it’s your turn to go crazy for them too.

Sales Automation

What if we could tell you that there’s an easier, more efficient way of doing those time-consuming tasks that sales reps and managers do on a daily basis? Well, there is. Sales automation takes care of tasks like prospecting, lead enrichment, contact and deal creation, email templates and much more.

By automating these tasks, it means you can turn your focuses elsewhere. Sales automation boosts your business efficiency and improves the accuracy of your sales process. Not only do you target the right areas, but time spent negotiating a deal with the right prospects is also shortened with sales automation too.

But like anything, too much of a good thing can easily turn into a bad thing. You can’t automate everything and still need some human input to regulate proceedings. A nice harmony between both works well.

Pipeline Management

HubSpot’s pipeline management tool ensures that you’re always focused on the correct, suitable deals. It’s customisable, so you can create your own perfect process of how you’d like to create new deals and pull in company data.

The pipeline management tool is linked with the sales dashboard too, which means that you can easily see if you’re on track to reach your quota for a specific month or quarter.

Email Scheduling and Sequencing

Emails are all about timing. You could send the best email in the world out, but if you schedule it for the wrong time, it won’t have anywhere near as much effect as it should do.

HubSpot’s email scheduling tool couldn’t be any easier to use - you don’t even have to leave your Gmail account. Choose from pre-selected times that are suggested through data and statistics, or customise it yourself and select your own time.

Email sequencing and nurturing plays a big role in getting that sale over the line and keeping the prospect at arm’s length. Sequencing sends a series of relevant emails to your prospects at the right time to ensure that you never lose touch.

These emails are usually automated and templated, but they don’t have to be. There’s nothing worse than an impersonal email, so go in and customise them with company data and a little human touch.

HubSpot will provide you with data so you’re aware of what templates and sequences are the most successful so you can optimise your email approach for the best results.

Live Chat

Live chat allows you to engage with prospects when they’re actively interacting with your site. This is perfect timing as they’re in the mood and are active within the buying process. Live chat also adds that personal touch so you can reach out to the prospects with a human conversation, rather than wall-to-wall text which is arguably more robotic.

It’s easy to embed on any page on your company’s website and is a fantastic way of nurturing your leads. Leads and conversations are automatically synced into HubSpot so sales reps can later pick up these records and continue to build strong relationships.

Lead Management

HubSpot’s lead management tool allows you to access every detail about a lead in a single profile. It also provides you with a timeline and history of every touchpoint between a contact and your company. That way, you’re always on the ball and know how to target them in future reference.


Stop wasting your time with unqualified, rubbish leads! Measure the quantity and quality of traffic that you’re receiving on your site and find out what sources are bringing in the highest rate of traffic. Once you’ve found your answers, you know what sources are bringing the most valuable traffic, you can tailor your approach towards this.

The analytics tool also provides detailed reports on your website, landing pages, emails, blog posts, social media accounts and more. You’ll have all the data you need to take the industry by storm (and then some).

Find Out More About Sales Enablement

The perfect platform is just one way you can increase your chances of success. Another way is the implementation of sales enablement. The harmony between departments working together towards the same end goal can be very beneficial to your business, trust us.

If you need some further reading rather than just our word, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know about sales enablement. Download it below.