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Vidyard: The best tool for sales prospecting videos

2 mins read

So, we're on the same page: What are we talking about when we say sales prospecting videos?

We mean videos you record yourself — in a DIY but professional way — and send to prospects that you're nurturing through the sales process.

These aren't highly polished, professionally produced videos (though you should still make use of those during sales prospecting). They are personalised, natural and highly relevant to your sales contact.

The best tool to use is Vidyard. And here's why:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Integrated data
  3. Business-wide benefits

1. Ease of use

Out of all the tools we've tried (and we've used them all), there's a reason we advise our customers to use Vidyard for sales prospecting videos:

It's simple. It's fast. It's reliable. And that's what you want as a busy sales professional.

You don't want failed recordings or uploads that crash. You don't want slow rendering times before you can share a video. And you don't want recording limits.

Vidyard negates all these and that makes it best in class. It integrates with Outlook and Gmail and runs via a browser extension, so recording a video for your prospect goes like this:

  • They ask something on a call or via email and you have an answer that's best articulated verbally or could even be shown on-screen with a walkthrough
  • You click the Vidyard icon in your browser, record your 90-second answer to the prospect's query and then click 'Stop'. This sets the video automatically saving to your Vidyard cloud
  • In the Vidyard tab that's just magically opened in your browser, start drafting your email reply to the prospect and get to the point where all you need to do is hit send
  • By this time, your video will have been uploaded and you can now personalise the title to suit your prospect, add a description with any extra links and turn on captions and choose your thumbnail — all in the same tab
  • Click send on your email and away you go on to the next prospect

Barring switching between text boxes, that's THREE CLICKS to record and send a video to your prospect.

Vidyard back end screen example

Here's the screen you'll see after you finish recording. You can edit the video details and send it via email, all from the same tab.

If you want some inspiration for what kinds of videos to send, check out this post.

And it's all tracked into your CRM.

2. Integrated data

Assuming, of course, that you've integrated Vidyard with your CRM. The most popular integrations are HubSpot and Salesforce.

But Vidyard also integrates with Intercom and Outreach. You'll see how much of your video has been watched by your prospect — not just whether or not it got watched.

You can set up notifications to let you know they watched your video — which is the perfect time to pick up the phone.

And loads of other team-efficiency benefits from having meaningful sales prospecting video data. It just generally helps you work more smoothly as a sales team. In fact, as a business.

3. Business-wide benefits

Vidyard is NOT just a sales team video tool.

Whereas Loom is just for sales teams or Wistia and Vimeo are just for marketing purposes (really), Vidyard has use cases in all departments.

Beyond sales, Vidyard can be used across an entire business.

  • Marketing can use it for hosting and analysing video performance on a level not comparable to any platform we've seen. Plus, the call-to-action flexibility and control of the playback experience make it super-effective for marketing. Check our video hub for an example
  • Client delivery teams can use it for comms and management of their customers. Communicating via video builds stronger, more productive working relationships. So why wouldn't you want your team to tap into this?
  • Likewise, internal working efficiencies can be gained by clearer, less ambiguous baton passing between team members. We saw Staff eNPS (happiness) increase when we switched to video first comms
  • The sales benefits work for recruitment too. The longer it takes to recruit good people, the more it costs your business. But HR can hire better people faster by using video

Want to know what kind of ROI Vidyard can achieve?

We've built an estimating tool that lets you work out the uplift you can expect to see from building video prospecting into your sales process.

Use the tool, then get in touch to chat about ensuring you get the most from it and see the results to help achieve your sales goals.