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INBOUND Day One and Two - INBOUND 18 Video Round-Up

With the second-ever Partner Day now in the books, our focus at Digital 22 turned to the official first full day of INBOUND 18 in Boston, aka "Day 2." We wasted little time diving into the wide range of talks on offer hosted by some well-renowned speakers, so continue reading to find out what we learnt.

Some of the talks we attended saw Melanie Deziel of Storyfuel give useful tips on how to tell better stories via content, while Chad Rogers of Lemonlight demonstrated how we can adopt a more comprehensive video strategy. HubSpot's Luke Summerfield also provided some brilliant insight for developers and how they can find ways to work more efficiently and so much more.

Oh, and we also caught up with HubSpot Vice President John Dick for our Inbound After Hours podcast. Here's what we learnt from day one at INBOUND 18...

Key Takeaways from Day Two at INBOUND 18

Mark: The death of the marketing funnel. How the new flywheel approach is the future of marketing after speaking to HubSpot Vice President John Dick on Digital 22's Inbound After Hours podcast.

Emily: The impact psychology has on marketing. Mastering the basics of psychology helps to build a service that doesn't frustrate customers and can be used both internally and externally.

Sam: How it's now time to shift the focus from products to improving user experience. Remove friction points and by making the product experience 10x lighter rather than 10x better. 

Caroline: Finding out how you can successfully stand out in a market where, on average, 3,000 emails are going out daily.

Andrew: Went to a talk about email deliverability based around three core pillars. Really excited to finally implement this for all of our clients and showing the rest of the Digital 22 team.

Paul: Interesting to find out how storytelling can be used effectively in client content and how narrative content can be implemented in Buyer Personas.

Paige: How marketers should begin treating people like people and not like personas. Also, how important it is not to solely rely on data for everything.


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