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What Makes A Good Facebook Landing Page?

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The people you’re attracting from Facebook are brand new visitors who are at the beginning of the buyer’s journey. Don’t give them an excuse to leave your landing page!

 Facebook Advert

Facebook advertising is a fantastic means of connecting with new and current customers. There are so many benefits of creating Facebook Ads: it’s cost effective, it's targeting abilities help you show your adverts to the right people and finally… Facebook has over 1 billion users. There’s a big audience waiting for your business.

However, creating an epic Facebook advert is only the first step to having a successful social media campaign. The landing page your advert is linked to needs to be great too. If people are clicking on your ad but not making any further action on your landing page, you’re losing potential customers. 

So, what makes a good Facebook landing page?

These are the five features you need to include to make your landing pages successful at capturing new leads for your business.

1. The design of your ad matches the design of your landing page

Your advert and landing page should have a similar design theme. It can be disorientating for an online visitor when they arrive on a landing page that looks radically different from the ad they just clicked.

It’s also distracting. And distractions can cause people to forget why they clicked on your advert in the first place.

This is why the design of your Facebook advert should match the design of your landing page. The colours you use and the main design theme should be the same and if possible, shared assets and imagery will create a sense of fluency, and the visitor won’t feel like they’ve really ‘left’ facebook to go to a whole new site.

2. Professionally designed (and Mobile Friendly!)

Many of the people arriving on your landing page will be brand new visitors, who’ve possibly never even heard of your company before. First impressions count in the marketing world, especially on a website. Out-of-date design layouts can encourage people to bounce.

Your landing page needs to be professionally designed to show visitors they’re dealing with a professional company. Moreover - the vast majority will be visiting from a mobile device so ensure you landing pages are designed for mobile first. There is nothing worse than clicking through from your mobile app to the desktop version of a website...

If you’re not comfortable designing your own landing pages, consider outsourcing to a design company.

3. Concise, well written content

Did you know an average online reader only spends about 15 seconds on a website before they decide to leave? That’s not a lot of time.

The content on your landing page should be concise and high quality. Spelling mistakes and badly worded phrases are potential distractions and can deter people from giving you their contact information.

You don’t have to worry about writing lots of content. Most people aren’t going to read it. Keep it short and sweet, and straight to the point. Remember an online visitor has clicked on your Facebook ad, your content needs to guide them on what to do next.

4. The landing page encourages the visitor to act

You’ve probably seen plenty of clothing adverts on Facebook. If you click on an advert of a wooly jumper and it sends you to the product page, the advert has done a good job. But not good enough.

Landing on a product page gives you plenty of opportunities to be distracted by other products and there isn’t always an incentive to buy ‘right now.’

The best Facebook landing pages successfully encourage the visitor to make a specific act.

This Upwork advert is a great example:

Upwork Facebook Ad

Upwork landing page

Upwork keeps it simple: create a free account. The content encourages the reader to act and the signup form makes it so easy.

As we mentioned before, most people who land on your Facebook landing page will be brand new visitors. You’ve successfully attracted them to your site via your advert and now they’re on your landing page. Your content, design and contact sheet should be driving the new visitor to make an action.

5. Short contact form

Carefully consider the length of your contact form.

Remember the people who have landed on your landing page have come from Facebook. Whilst your ad has been placed in front of relevant people, most people will probably be on Facebook because they’re relaxing at home, procrastinating at work or replying to messages from friends.

The global average for how much time people spend daily on Facebook is about 20 minutes. That’s not much time when you factor in the fact most people check their Facebook accounts multiple times a day so they might only be on their account for a few minutes at a time.

Your contact fields should focus on the main pieces of information you need, like:

  • Name
  • Email

The longer the form is, the more time people are spending on your landing page and thats an increasing possibility they will lose interest or be distracted from completing the form.

contact form illustrated

The people you’re attracting from Facebook are likely brand new visitors who are at the beginning of the buyer’s journey. Don’t give them an excuse to leave your landing page!

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