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5 Examples of Inbound Marketing Campaigns | Digital 22

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Inbound marketing methods guarantee some pretty impressive results. Now, sometimes marketing campaigns can seem like chance happenings that do incredibly well, almost unexpectedly. However, let me reassure you, there will be a dedicated marketing team and strategy behind every idea.

So let’s separate the wheat from the chaff and look at some ridiculously good inbound marketing in practice. Here are five of our favourite inbound marketing campaign examples:

  1. Digital 22 & Monzo: Using inbound blogs to recruit
  2. Innocent and Weetabix: A strong brand image with fun social media engagement
  3. The Babish Culinary Universe: Shareable, relevant and informative video
  4. MyProtein: Utilising paid ads with helpful written content
  5. WiFi SPARK: Targeted audience and brilliant content

1. Digital 22 & Monzo: Using inbound blogs to recruit

We’re kicking off this list with an example of our own inbound handiwork. 

When it comes to recruiting, we like to take multiple approaches to spread the word about our vacancies. Yes, like most other businesses, we turn to job finding sites and social media outlets to attract applicants - but we don’t just stop there.

Finding the right fit for the Digital 22 culture is a massive part of our recruitment process. To give our audience and potential applicants an insight into what it’s like to work at Digital 22, we created a series of ‘day in the life’ style blogs.

Each blog talks through our team members’ daily responsibilities and workdays in each role and leads to a CTA encouraging readers to check out our vacancies.

This strategy has been successful for us and similar tactics have proven a hit for other brands, too. A few years ago, Monzo Bank also recruited for the position of digital engineer by posting inbound content relevant to people looking for that kind of work.

inbound blog example monzo

Written content is a tried-and-tested inbound marketing tactic - and for good reason. A whopping 89% of content marketers used blog posts in their content creation strategy and inbound content generates three times more leads than outbound equivalents.

2. Innocent: A strong brand image with fun social media engagement

Social media is an excellent way of getting your ideas and inbound content out to a new audience. Here’s another inbound marketing campaign example that utilises it brilliantly.

Innocent, the drinks company, has always had a strong brand image and consistent tone across all of their marketing. They’re playful, informative and believe in their products. So when they released their ‘blue’ drink, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand while advertising a new product.

innocent social media post

When ‘Bolt From The Blue’ came out, it was advertised heavily on Twitter. Many Twitter users took this opportunity to state the actual colour of the drink might have been, in fact, not blue.

The innovative social media team at Innocent responded to a vast number of tweets, wittily stating in each one that the drink was blue. Each response garnered thousands of likes from entertained Twitter users.

Innocent isn't the only brand using Twitter to start entertaining conversations or, as I like to call it, ‘engaging in witty repar-tweet’. For example, Weetabix recently sparked a multi-brand conversation about whether the breakfast staple would pair well with Heinz Baked Beans, of all things.


Naturally, many users were horrified by the bizarre suggestion and the post garnered plenty of hilarious responses from other UK brands

The way social media works with an inbound campaign is how you use it to supplement great content on your site. It allows you to use your content to become part of the conversation. Improving your social media presence is a brilliant method to increase your ROI and build upon your brand authority. It isn't always about pushing a sale.

We’re big fans of social media use in inbound campaigns and offer it as part of our marketing process. If you’re looking for more information on how you can use social media in an inbound marketing campaign, check out the social media section in our ‘What is inbound marketing’ guide.

Making the most of your marketing efforts

Marketing is our bread and butter, but we’re not ones for keeping what we’ve learnt to ourselves. To help spread this knowledge, we’re offering two free 30-minute 1-1 calls, where we’ll talk through your business needs and goals and then follow up with insights on how you can best channel your marketing efforts to get the most out of your marketing strategies. 

To find out more, check out our post on LinkedIn. 

Right, back to the good stuff!

3. The Babish Culinary Universe: Shareable, relevant and informative video

Everyone loves watching a simple cooking video while scrolling through social media. Some of us get major food envy and others are inspired to get cooking. No one does this like the Babish Culinary Universe (formerly Binging with Babish).

The BCU began as the YouTube channel of amateur chef Andrew Rea. He began to create binge-worthy videos by recreating well-known dishes from popular culture such as films and TV. Think Los Pollos Hermanos chicken from Breaking Bad, Enchiladas from Schitt’s Creek and Butter Beer from Harry Potter. 

schitt's creek gif

The big hook is these are easily-digestible and shareable videos. Through the way they’re shot, Rea’s videos make cooking seemingly complex dishes simple. People appreciate both the format and the ease with which they can accomplish the same recipe themselves. His videos are easy-to-follow, how-to content demonstrations. Plus, they’re undeniably fun and down-to-earth.

Credit: Binging With Babish

This video, where Rea recreates the ratatouille from the 2007 Pixar film of the same name, is one of his most popular. It currently has around 26 million views.

If you want a taste of this kind of video success, there are a few key things to remember when creating your content. Rea’s recipe for success includes short video length, simple instructions, step-by-step format and plenty of personality to engage the viewer. 

Rea offers the content for free, so what’s the point in all that effort? It’s about building valued content consumers can trust which helps build relationships. Regular consumers of Rea’s content are more likely to do further business as he also sells his own cookbooks, merchandise and events.

Video is the content that will be the most consumed over the coming years. With more than 50% of consumers preferring video content over other formats, it’s a good idea to capitalise on this exciting style of marketing quick. 

Here at Digital 22, we love using video both for ourselves and our clients, empowering them through video enablement. We even have a ‘Video First’ podcast and plenty of blogs on Video Transformation to get you started in your quest to creating compelling inbound video.

To find out more about video enablement, click the button below.

4. MyProtein: Utilising paid ads with helpful written content

When two great ingredients come together, you’re on to a winning formula. Mixing search engine ads with valuable inbound content is an excellent example of how to stir up interest in your brand.

MyProtein has taken its inbound practices to the next level by blending targeted Google Ads with their own unique content.

myprotein marketing ad

This paid ad answers the question. It targets relevant people and then directs them to a helpful blog titled ‘What is Spirulina? Health Benefits and Side Effects.’

The blog ends with a CTA where you can buy MyProtein products that contain spirulina. This represents the process of creating inbound ads, where the inbound methodology is combined with paid ads harmoniously. 

Talking about harmonious mixtures, spirulina smoothie, anyone?

5. WiFi SPARK: Targeted audiences and brilliant content

WiFi SPARK provides the secure, branded internet access you find in most hospitals, retail spaces, transportation and conference venues. As they serve so many different sectors, they need a targeted approach to sharing their inbound content. Enter, Digital 22. 

We worked with our client WiFi SPARK to create written content and animated videos for their target audiences. Using our expertly-crafted buyer personas, we targeted the different content pieces to ensure they landed in front of the right eyes. 

This tactic helped WiFi SPARK see meaningful results, with 2,253 landing page submissions, 1,144 new contacts being achieved and a 150% increase in blog views year on year. 

The trick to this success with a multifaceted approach. We created two primary different types of content for each of the audiences and ensured they were highly targeted to cut through the noise of social media and attract the right attention.

Without any of the main components of this strategy - the content type mix, the focus on each audience and the use of social and digital channels to target the ideal buyer - we wouldn't have achieved such impressive results for the client. 

Read the full WiFi SPARK case study here to find out more. 

An inbound marketing campaign is a long process, where the journey is just as important as the destination. It takes time to develop the success and good practice the inbound methodology delivers and requires. Many people who initially get curious about it are put off by these timeframes, where you begin to see results 6-12 months after the fact. 

However, as the old saying goes, ‘good things come to those who wait’. In many cases, the fears of those people who think inbound takes too long to deliver that all-important ROI are easily assuaged when they can work with the right partner that can support them through their inbound journey. 

Finding the right inbound partner

The way to do inbound properly is by using HubSpot. Now, there are over 5,000 HubSpot partner agencies to choose from? How do you go about that, sifting through all the different claims and sales pitches? 

You can get away from the pitches and cold calls by using our detailed guide that you can read through at your own leisure. It’s short but convenient, helping to open your eyes to what to look for in the right agency partner.

Just click the link below to get reading.