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EXPLICIT CONTENT: How to manage your workload in a fast-paced working environment

At Digital 22, we churn out a lot of content. The company has grown massively over the years and with that territory comes a higher number of clients, bigger retainers and more work. The challenge? trying to manage that huge workload in a fast-paced working environment.


Obviously, we wouldn't have it any other way. But it can sometimes be a challenge trying to maintain that level of consistency and high quality in a thriving agency like ours.

So, if you're in a similar position where you're experiencing growth of you're writing a lot more than you're used to, pull up a chair, whip out your doodle sack and tune in to episode two of the Explicit Content podcast where Will, Molly and I share our insights.

Lean on your teammates

The best part about working in a content team with people from different backgrounds is there's always someone who's an expert in something, no matter how niche it is.

If you're struggling with a certain topic and it's making you fall behind, utilise your team's strength to see who's best suited to work on that particular bit of work, giving you time to work on tasks that play to your strengths instead.


Sounds simple, but if your workload is getting on top of you, then it's time to leave the ego at the door, tag in your teammate and get some help to get back on track.

If that fails, get yourself a projects team.

We rely on our projects team a lot. With daily communication, it helps us maintain our workload so nobody ever feels like they're sinking in a sea of work.

Do your research

Don't set yourself up to fail by starting research on the day you first start writing for a client. Or if you're in-house, don't start learning your style guide, personas and pain points minutes before you write your first piece.

Research beforehand so you can get to know all of this information. If you do research literally before you start typing, it can really show in your work, you receive pushback and rewrites can then pile up.

What else?

We also run through how you shouldn't be afraid to push back, take regular breaks and being busy isn't a bad sign. It's a sign of growth which might mean you need to hire new people.

What on earth is a doodle sack?

To round off episode two, Will is in the hot seat with the word game - choosing a word and using it in two sentences, leaving Molly and I with the job of guessing which is correct.

Find out who finally gets on the leaderboard in this episode.

That's just a flavour of what was discussed this week. Want to hear all the tips and also play along? Watch along on Vidyard or listen on-the-go using the SoundCloud link above.

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