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4 Ways A Focused Marketing Strategy Will Improve Lead Quality

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While it might be your natural instinct to get as much traffic and leads as possible, getting high results here can actually be a drain on your resources. Because at the end of the day, you only want leads that are genuinely interested in the products/services you provide.

Bad leads are a waste of time for your sales team and your marketing efforts. The objective of a focused marketing strategy is to achieve a database of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). Here's how a focused plan will improve the quality of your leads.


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1) Attracts your ideal customer

The main benefit of a focused marketing strategy is that you will attract your ideal buyer persona. 

You'd be surprised how many businesses don't refer to an ideal persona profile before they start planning their marketing campaigns. 

An ideal buyer persona is a profile of your ideal customer. It dives into the needs, ambitions and pain points of your target customer. Understanding what drives them as people will help you create a strategy that engages with their values.

This is why a focused plan will help you attract better quality leads. The people you want to attract will be more engaged with your marketing efforts.


2) Reduces the number of customers who don't match your ideal buyer persona

Even if you've created detailed buyer personas and used it as a core inspiration for your marketing strategies, you'll always attract a percentage of leads who aren't your ideal persona.

But for businesses who don't have a focused marketing strategy, they will attract a higher percentage of leads that aren't marketing qualified. 

While you might think there's nothing wrong with having more contacts in your database, it's actually eating into your monthly budgets. 

When you're setting up adverts to target your contacts, you're spending to have adverts appear in front of contacts who don't have the same interest in your company that your ideal buyer persona would. It's a waste of money. 

Creating a focused strategy will greatly reduce the number of leads who aren't part of your target audience.


3) Focuses spend on relevant marketing

How much does marketing cost? Marketing any business can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. However if you spend too little you won't be heard over your competitors and if you spend too much you'll be heard but likely reduce your profit margin. 

Having a focused plan will help you determine which is the best marketing direction for your business. 

Your ideal customer's buying habits will dictate your marketing strategy. Do they react better to social advertising? Do they shop more via Google? Understanding your buyer persona will help you spend only on relevant marketing and attract a higher quality of leads.


4) Makes your brand more relatable

A better focused strategy helps you create a brand that will engage with the personality of your customers, and in turn will attract better leads.

When you look at some of the most successful brands in the world, (like McDonalds, Coca Cola, H&M, Nike, etc), they all have something in common: they're relatable. 

Their adverts and promotions engage with customers. Focusing your marketing will help you be more relatable to your target audience. 

Have a look at Innocent Drinks; their fun personality and healthy drink products makes it a brand I can relate too (and a major fan!).




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