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Could HubSpot Projects Simplify Your Campaign Management?

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Managing campaigns for numerous clients can make the process slightly confusing, especially if you're new to HubSpot and still getting to grips with it all. As your team continues to grow, so do the things that go into creating and finishing projects. This includes planning the campaigns, assigning tasks, ensuring you're meeting all deliverables and so on. HubSpot Projects is something that is seen as the solution, but can it really simplify your campaign management? The short answer is: Yes, but it has limitations.

HubSpot ProjectsHubSpot Projects

HubSpot Projects allows you to plan and organise all of your team's work in one place via structured lists of tasks making it simple and easy to use and follow. Here's how else it can help simplify campaign management:

Great For People New to Inbound

You can't expect someone brand new to inbound to get to grips with all of the extensive HubSpot tools right away. While they'll obviously be spending time taking the certifications and learning more, HubSpot Projects is a great way to get them started because it helps coordinate your team inside the tools you already use and is a great way to onboard new employees without overwhelming them.

Onboarding is made easier with Projects because of the task-based checklist. This modularises and organises critical onboarding tasks to those new to inbound, such as technical set-up and core inbound methodology tactics like buyer personas. This way, you're keeping your new employees inside HubSpot while they learn inbound.

It's also a more cost-effective alternative than purchasing a dedicated project management system, as you're able to track who each task is assigned to and what the progress is without the need for a third-party tool.

A Good Starting Point

HubSpot Projects is a really good starting point for simple tick list-style set up projects that you can assign team members to. For projects where you and your team don't need to go into a great deal of depth, Projects is a way to simplify the management of campaigns even further by using the simpler lists on offer.

This means that no more separate tools are needed, such as spreadsheets or other task lists as you're able to manage projects in the exact same place where you do all of your marketing. For example, the HubSpot set-up is very simple to use and a great starting point. In this project, the person assigned to this task will have several set-up tasks to complete, with some smaller tasks underneath them all on one page.

HubSpot Projects with a list of to do tasks

HubSpot Projects

As you can see by the image above, it's a great starting point to get to grips with this tool, as team members assigned to each project or task can work their way through the checklist to complete the project.

Great For In-House Teams

As an inbound marketer who is leading your marketing team, you can leverage several features in HubSpot's Projects tool to keep everyone on track and in constant communication with each other. The fact is, you and your team are going to be constantly busy building newsletters, launching new campaigns and so much more that we can't even list them all here.

When all of this is going on, staying organised and effective isn't an easy task, especially with a growing team as there will be more tools and additional tasks to complete.

With HubSpot Projects, you're able to assign owners for every task in a project. Here, you can also set due dates, add attachments and add links to other HubSpot assets like blog posts etc. You can even turn your projects into templates of your own to create repeatable processes for your team in the future.

By having eyes on who is assigned to which task, you not only know who is accountable for what but you're also accelerating your productivity and make teamwork more efficient.

You can click here to find out more on how you can use HubSpot Projects to manage your internal teams.

Simplified Access - All Under One Roof

Spreadsheets, sending emails back and forth, confusing calendars and third-party tools can get a bit much and if you decide to rip your hair out because of the overload - that's going to waste even more time. Let's avoid that.

Where HubSpot Projects fits in is that it acts as one hub for all of your files and tasks and is a place to communicate with your team where everyone has easy access, all under one roof.

It integrates with all of the other HubSpot marketing tools you're using. This means you're able to easily manage all of your projects with the same software you use to execute them without fiddling with other tools or log-ins. So, it's a real time-saver as you don't need to waste hours looking through pointless emails, notes and documents when they're already going to be in the same tool you use for the rest of your marketing.

You’ll save yourself hours searching for emails, notes, and documents when they’re all in the same tool you use for the rest of your marketing. And you'll keep all of your hair.

Pre-Populated Templates Available From HubSpot

Think of it this way. Each template from HubSpot is like a marketing to-do list. It basically walks you through every step of the common marketing projects we all face, such as building newsletters, website redesigns, creating content downloads and more. Each of these tasks have their own projects available to use from HubSpot, or you can create your own templates and save them for your team to access.

HubSpot Marketing Projects

Examples of different HubSpot Templates

Again, it's a real time-saver because you don't need to waste valuable time or effort trying to reinvent something new each time as there are templates for various stages too, such as attracting and converting.

Instead, everything is provided from the plan, the timetable, resources and tasks. Plus, as the templates are built by HubSpot's own marketing experts, you know it's going to be suitable to implement and for your team to use.

Looking back at what HubSpot Projects is capable of, it's clear that this handy yet powerful productivity tool can transform how you collaborate, work and learn inside of HubSpot to simplify your campaign management.

How To Get More From Your Marketing Efforts

Now that you're aware of HubSpot Projects and how you can get the most out of this tool, you can now begin to improve your inbound marketing efforts and boost your sales and interactions by making sure you're using the best marketing automation software. Download a FREE copy of our Marketing Automation Comparison Guide which contains everything you need to decide which platform is best for you and your needs.