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Have you seen the HubSpot AI Roadmap? We're excited...

2 mins read

HubSpot's rolling out AI features faster than you can shake an augmented reality stick at. Some are laying the groundwork for future developments and some are simply brilliant.

They've always been adding AI-induced automation to the platform. A/B and Multivariate tests that don't wait for you to make a change once the winner is clear, is just one example.

But, like everyone else, 2023 has been the year they've really doubled down and leaned hard into AI. Very hard.

Katie Shepherd, Senior Solutions Engineer at Avidly HubSpot Solutions, got very excited by the latest AI Roadmap released by HubSpot when it was sent to us by our main man at HubSpot, Tomas.

So, after she posted about different parts of it in at least 5 public Avidly-Slack channels, I dragged her on a video to chat about why she was so buzzing...


Here's what's so exciting about the HubSpot AI Roadmap:

  1. Imagine being a new or limited-amount-of-experience salesperson and an AI tool (that learns from your vast CRM data) prompts you what your next steps should be. That's what it sounds like HubSpot are building and, well, Katie for one is absolutely buzzing.

  2. Personally, I can't wait to see what Content Assistant V2 brings to the table. ChatSpot emailed this week about its ability to analyse 5,000 words of your existing content so it mimics your Tone of Voice. That in itself shaves plenty of time off your prompting... Who knows what they've got up their sleeve for a full-on V2 of the Content Assistant. But we're ready for it.
  3. And, finally, just look at how many great things are right there in the roadmap under the "Coming Soon" category. It's gonna be an exciting H2 when it comes to HubSpot AI.

Check out the HubSpot AI Roadmap here and get in touch with us if you've any questions about how to deploy it in your ways of working.

Full video transcript below:

Paul (Avidly): Hi, it's Paul from Avidly. I'm here with Katie who's just shared the HubSpot AI roadmap with us on our internal Slack channel. There's loads of interesting stuff in there. So, I thought I'd hop on a call and ask Katie, what was so interesting to you that made you share it?

Katie (Avidly): Yeah, cheers Paul. So, there's absolutely loads here to look at. Whether you're a marketer, a salesperson, or a service person, there's a specific section for everyone. But, being a sales engineer, I'm particularly interested in some of the sales features. One of them that I'm excited about is the customised pitch deck. It's coming soon, and I'd love to know more about it because currently, we make pitches using a different tool. If this feature is integrated, I think it can be a lifesaver for us. There's a lot of other stuff here that HubSpot hasn't said too much about yet, so I'm interested to see what they'll say in the future. Things like "Recommended Next Steps" for sales teams, especially for junior reps, can be a helpful tool while they're making calls and speaking to prospects. They're definitely the ones that I'm most excited about. How about you, Paul?

Paul (Avidly): I'm quite interested in the "Recommended Next Steps" feature being powered by machine learning from the interactions. This will be super useful for new starters. For me, the Content Assistant Version 2 is going to be brilliant. The team emailed this week about how the AI will help you produce content for emails, pages, and blog posts. It's going to start analysing 5000 words of your existing content to mimic your tone and expression. Instead of being this generic ChatGPT style, straight out-of-the-box AI type content that you have to edit, it's going to match your existing tone and structure of your content. This AI is already saving time as you teach it your style and it learns to draft content in that style. It sounds like they're going to reduce the time needed to tune the AI to your tone, which will help speed up content production even further. It's super exciting, and like you say, there's loads in here.

They've already rounded up what they've released this year in this roadmap doc, you can see those three columns on screen. There's a full page of stuff that's "coming soon". Not much detail is provided yet, it will depend on how fast they can develop, test, and release these features. But it's super interesting. So, thanks for sharing it, Katie, and cheers for jumping on this call as well.

We encourage you to check out this roadmap yourself. We'll put a link at the end of the video and wherever we end up sharing this. Let us know what you find exciting about this AI roadmap and if you've got any questions, just reach out to myself, Katie, or any of the team. We'll be chuffed to chat about HubSpot and AI all day long. Thanks very much, Katie.

Katie (Avidly): Thanks, everyone!