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What is HubSpot CMS Starter Hub?

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There are always important things for business to evaluate before implementing new solutions. No wonder why, any new solution demands an investment, and of course you want it to be worth it. HubSpot just revealed their latest release - a whole new level of their current CMS - CMS Hub Starter. With this new solution business get access to an easy, user friendly CMS system at a low price.

HubSpot is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and recently they revealed the launch of CMS Hub Starter. This is a new level of the existing CMS which is today an easy tool for marketers and developers who are working with websites and web strategies. 

In this article we will take a closer look at the CMS Hub Starter, what business can expect from it and what it contains. 

This is CMS Hub Starter 

A new investment will always bring up questions. "What will it cost?” is inevitably one of the most common questions in this case since the price is often what can delay a new implementation. If you are familiar with HubSpot as a platform you probably already know about the existing levels - Professional and Enterprise - which start at 360 and 1200 USD per month. Thinking of what you get for that money we would say it gives great ROI, but still not all businesses have that budget for a CMS system. 

This longer needs to be a problem anymore, as the CMS Hub Starter package starts at 25 USD per month. Sounds too good to be true? Are you worried you will miss important features in this level to be able to get going with your CMS? You wont! 

CMS Hub Starter has been developed with marketers' needs in mind and is therefore perceived as a complete solution. Priority is given to security, user-friendliness and the ability to use customer data - everything you need to get a good start with your CMS.

This is what you can do with HubSpot CMS Starter 

  • Build fast, secure and reliable websites 
  • Build websites that stands out 
  • Take advantage of the benefits of a CRM 

Build fast, secure and reliable websites 

For smaller businesses and teams there can be several challenges with IT resources when it’s time to build a new website. A whole new website is not built overnight though and without the right skills, challenges can quickly arise regarding security, speed and credibility for the website. This is all a part of CMS Hub Starter which makes it possible for marketers to focus on building a website that provides a great customer experience instead of placing additional resources on technology and development. 

With CMS Hub Starter you also get access to security features such as SSL, firewall for web applications and a globally hosted CDN.

Build websites that stands out 

One big challenge when it comes to choosing the right CMS system is the difficulty in finding a system that works for both marketers and developers. Often the systems are aimed at either / or.  Either a solution that is built to make it easier for marketers to easily publish content, or the opposite - a tool built for developers which marketers do not feel comfortable with. 

Businesses with the goal to grow can now take advantage of marketers and developers using the same CMS. HubSpots new level gives developers the right tools to be able to create flexible solutions for marketers to work in. In this way, marketers are able to take lead on the web site and update it as they wish. The result of this is often a high quality web site that stands out, since developers and marketers are putting their very skilled heads together in the same system to build something with the best of two worlds.

Take advantage of the benefits of a CRM 

Digital presence should be one of the main elements in every business's marketing strategy today. A good website helps your business attract potential buyers early in their digital buyers journey. But to be able to take advantage of this part of the marketing strategy, you need to collect information which supports the decision basis for the strategy. 

CMS Starter Hub is built as a part of HubSpot’s CRM platform to give you the access you need to lift your web strategy into higher levels, based on which content your contacts show interest in. The CMS is also included in CRM Suite Starter solution which costs 45 USD per month.


Key features in CMS Hub Starter 

To give you an full overview on what is included in CMS Starter Hub, we took a look at HubSpots website: 

  • Responsive drag-and-drop-editing
  • Different themes for websites 
  • Local developing 
  • Content in several languages 
  • Standard SSL-certificate
  • Security monitoring and monitoring of potential threats 24/7
  • CRM database

HubSpot CMS Starter gives you a solution which do not demand too much of your marketing budget. At the same time, you get access to a solution that really challenges other, more traditional CMS systems, both in quality and costs. 

HubSpot is built to be scaleable when your business is scaling in some direction, something  the different levels is showing. CMS Hub Starter or CRM Suite Starter (with CMS Hub Starter included) is a great start for businesses with goal to take a position on the market. When your business is more familiar with HubSpot you are able to upgrade to higher levels depend on your needs. 

Ask Avidly about HubSpot 

2021 Avidly became HubSpot Global Partner of the Year for the second year in a row. We are always interested to speak with businesses who are considering HubSpot as a platform. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about HubSpot and which possibilities it can give your company!

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