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HubSpot launched ChatSpot AI. Now it’s with GPT-4 — that’s big!

In the ever-evolving world of AI, everyone is watching and waiting for the next big thing. If we’re being honest, no one knows what’s going to come next and the changes and efficiencies that those changes can bring to businesses worldwide.

On March 6th, 2023, HubSpot made its move as it launched ChatSpot. It was a big move, but not unexpected. HubSpot is always at the forefront of the latest technologies.

ChatSpot creator Dharmesh Shah recorded a video explaining this new tool and how the new ‘All in one AI-powered tool for marketing professionals’ can transform the way you work.


In true HubSpot form, they didn’t stop there. Just one month later, they have now launched version 3 (yes, it’s moving that quickly), and it’s now with GPT-4, which was only launched on March 13th.

There are so many new benefits to ChatSpot and you only need to test it out for a few minutes to see how useful it can be — but here are some of our standouts.

Saves time on researching

Our sales team liked the new and improved company research that became possible. Imagine a team that can find out the basic information they need about a company quicker, so they can spend more time creating tailored service offerings for your clients. This makes that possible. 

Our marketing teams loved the research functionality — particularly around discovering the success rates of recent campaigns, creating lists of people who haven’t engaged in a set period and many other use cases. This isn’t new for HubSpot, it’s always been easy to find this information, but this allows you to do it much quicker, allowing your team to focus on what they do best —thinking strategically and focusing on growth and general improvements. 

Includes helpful prompts

My favourite tool is the prompts library (and the fact that it will never stop growing.) There are loads of suggestions to help you get the most from the tool, and may even help you find new ideas to streamline your processes that you haven’t even thought of. 

Get ahead of your marketing

ChatSpot is not slowing down, just like AI in general. This is just the beginning and it’s exciting to see where it will take us. If you’re looking to get ahead with your marketing by getting the most out of HubSpot but you’re not sure how get in touch with us today to get an expert review of your portal.

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