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Digital 22 launches Collect: A HubSpot payment integration

Digital 22 has entered the world of HubSpot Applications with the launch of Collect. It's the HubSpot payment integration that integrates Stripe in some novel ways.

Why do people need a HubSpot payment integration?

The beauty of HubSpot is what it allows you to do when you harness its unrivalled level of data insights.

A missing piece in the puzzle for plenty of users who have some sort of online store (be it B2C or B2B) has been the ability to turn HubSpot into an eCommerce tool.

"We've worked with various kinds of eCommerce businesses over the years. Ultimately, we've always thought it should be simpler to take payment on HubSpot pages." Said Rikki Lear, Digital 22 Director, when explaining where the idea for Collect came from.

There are integrations with external payment facilitators and dedicated eCommerce platforms but they largely result in a disjointed end-user experience.

And a range of headaches trying to keep the data tidy and flowing into your (considerable investment level) HubSpot CRM, marketing hub and CMS.

Jake McLaren, Digital 22 Head of Product and creator of the web application, says:

"Countless redirects and extra forms. Costly extra windows and pages to visit. They're all barriers to accelerating your sales and growth." Before adding:

"That's why Collect was made."

What does Collect do differently?

"There's a fundamental difference to what other eCommerce HubSpot integrations offer when you look at what Collect does," says Jake.

"And that's the simplicity it creates for the end-user by offering Stripe payments on HubSpot pages - in what looks like any other HubSpot form."

But the mechanics behind it work differently. Once connected to your HubSpot account, you can add Collect modules like any other HubSpot module.

Input your Stripe key codes and away you go.

"Previously, the solution was always too time-consuming and costly but now we've got it without any coding or waiting."


On the front-end, it behaves and looks like a natural part of your website.

"And we've come up with different ways for HubSpot users to subscribe to the app," said Rikki. "Starting with our free-forever checkout buttons, up to our annual subscription which includes two months free compared to the pay-as-you go monthly option."

50+ installs and some excited customers

When we did the V1 launch to some super-early users, we got some great feedback.

Will, Co-Founder of Work.Software, said:

"I saw it, it did exactly what I needed. It quickly ticked the boxes I needed and I could get going."

Being a B2B solutions provider that's still only a few months old, Work.Software's use the payment feature as a way of qualifying sales leads. It helps optimise where the team spend their time.

But there are all sorts of different use cases. Jack Kendall, Digital 22's HubSpot Consultant Manager, is excited to try it out with a few of our retainer clients,

"I can't wait to see how the next campaigns for a handful of our clients can benefit from Collect." He added:

"There's one that comes to mind who we've always wanted to sharpen the customer experience. Previously, the solution was always too time-consuming and costly but now we've got it without any coding or waiting."

We've just revamped the look and feel of the whole app and launched a brand new website. But they're the glossy touches to some great product improvements too.

Find out more about Collect by clicking below...