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HubSpot Partner Summit 2017 - The Best Bits + [VIDEO]

Every year HubSpot puts on an event for HubSpot tiered partners, The HubSpot Partner Summit. It’s an event we have attended since becoming a HubSpot Partner.

Here is a 1 min video we made of our trip....


The event is held in Dublin for the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and has several aims:

  • Keep partners up to date with the latest updates of the HubSpot product range
  • Talk about the progress HubSpot are making as a company
  • Provide training on the latest agency trends
  • Bring together the HubSpot partner ‘family’

As HubSpot is core to our business, we see it as vital to attend. For clients, we are their HubSpot experts so we have to say bang up to date with all HubSpot features and news, and this event allows us to stay current.  

I don’t want to bore you with the agency side of the event, so here are the key takeaways for you (whether you are on HubSpot now or considering it)....

  • Big and positive news for us was HubSpot’s commitment to focusing on the ‘mid-market’. HubSpot has always fluttered between ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Mid-market’ which has confused both the messaging and the product development. This confirmation that the products will be solely built for the mid-market (which is defined as 10 to 1,000 employees) is fantastic news as the mid-market space is extremely under-served and is the exact market that we service.
  • HubSpot are re-aligning the product and branding to make the naming conventions less confusing and removing ‘new brands’ such as Sidekick and LeadIn; we think this move is beneficial (although more needs to be done) because as HubSpot grow and their range of products follow suit, we have certainly seen an increase in confused customers - this move should make things look much more simple.
FireShot Capture 109 - EMEA Partner Summit 2017 - Day 1 - Mo_ - https___www.dropbox.com_sh_ak1x09g.png
  • What struck us was how heavily HubSpot are investing in research and development to keep the product moving forward, which is great news for us all. We have seen many products released in this space but most become stale very quickly; from the data we have seen we certainly don’t believe this stagnation is going to happen with HubSpot!

FireShot Capture 110 - EMEA Partner Summit 2017-The Future o_ - https___www.dropbox.com_sh_ak1x09g.png

There was a verbal NDA on the event so we can’t talk about specific tool releases (damn) but all will be relieved at Inbound 2017 (September). There are some amazing updates and releases coming that we want to talk about which we know you will love - all we can say for now is expect major improvements and new features around…

    • Campaign reporting
    • Reporting in general
    • Ecommerce integrations
    • CRM integrations
    • Mobile app improvements
    • Social tools
    • Video tools (we can’t wait for this one!)
    • Team and project management
    • Huge moves forward in the CRM
    • And a super exciting, completely new toolset for the front office of your business! (This news will be huge)

We will do an announcement blog live from Inbound 2017 when we can talk about the specific features.