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INBOUND 2019: Small (yet strong) product updates from by HubSpot

As the INBOUND-conference arrives, HubSpot enthusiasts gather to Boston to celebrate this year’s Inbound-Christmas, where gifts of newly launched products are made public.

Since HubSpot decided to delegate most of its R&D-dollars to enhance its existing platform, the 2019 product launch was smaller than usual. Even though the gifts were smaller this year, a pile of exciting news were still to be unpackaged.

HubSpot Marketing Starter stronger than ever

Since last year, HubSpot has expanded the functionality of its free CRM and Starter - the cheapest version of its marketing platform.

The Starter package now also offers landing pages and with a new drag-n-drop editor. 50 dollars a month will get you e-mail marketing, forms, pop-up forms, ads management, chatbots, landing pages etc. The package also offers so-called kickback emails for when a contact has completed a form - almost like a simple email workflow.

Better management of paid ads in HubSpot

One of the main benefits of HubSpot is how platform allows you to integrate your marketing activities. Until now the  Ads-module would update you on your Google and social media campaigns and create specific types of ads. Now it’s also possible to boost Facebook posts and create Lead Ads campaigns directly from HubSpot.

It simplifies your work and makes it easier to attach ad campaigns to following activities like email workflows.

Upgraded workflows

Automated email workflows are a key component of marketing automation platforms, and HubSpot’s newly upgraded workflows will optimize your marketing.

The workflows become more flexible and it will be possible to jump from one branch of a workflow to another. If you spend time creating semi-complex email workflows, a minor change like this will make a major difference when you’re working on sending relevant information to your customers.

Sell products easily through HubSpot

If you don’t need a webshop, but still want to sell products and services directly from your website, HubSpot got you covered. A “buy now” button will be made available. It’s integrated with Stripe, an online payment processing platform, that makes online payment easier on your website.

productspotlight2 (1)

Better reporting and attributes

Marketing and sales attribution - the art of estimating how much a specific marketing or sales activity add to your revenue – is a tough nut to crack. Yet, HubSpot’s new attribution tool called Multitouch Attribution got your back as long as you have an enterprise platform. Not only does it tell you which activities create the most leads, it also puts a number on how much value each of your touchpoints adds during the customer journey.

The launch of smart content was also among the exciting news unveiled by HubSpot. Smart content allows you to serve personalized content to target audiences on your website and through emails, which truly is smart. What is also quite smart are the updated reports that evaluate the performance of your smart content.

The products above are merely a few from a long list of smaller, but effective, product launches from HubSpot, which combines will make life easier and work more effective for marketing and salespeople.