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Introducing the new features in HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise

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HubSpot is well-known for offering an easy interface and seamless user experience. They’ve always kept the marketer at the centre of their platform - especially when it comes to updates. At INBOUND 19, Christopher O’Donnell, SVP of product at HubSpot, showcased some of the top ideas from customers that the company has now implemented in the platform.

Raza working on a HubSpot account

Turns out they weren’t the only changes being made. HubSpot has actually put in place six new features that will help their Partner agencies and their agencies’ clients enjoy even better functionality, greater reliability and more sophisticated user experience across the entire platform. 

Let’s see what they are and what they can do.

Multi-touch revenue attribution

Package: Exclusive to Marketing Hub Enterprise

HubSpot already has a powerful, built-in analytics tool that allows you to analyse your website’s performance via key metrics and follow your marketing funnel from acquisition to close (among other features). But this new revenue attribution feature will help you to become an even better marketer - one who’s driven by data and is capable of making even smarter marketing decisions. 

Thanks to Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution, revenue can now be tied to every marketing action. In other words, you can now see what action performed by the lead helped to close a deal and by how much. This means marketers like yourself can now get the credit you deserve for helping to close a deal. 

Marketers working

It also means you can make better strategic decisions that are backed up by business value rather than vanity metrics.

Partitioning (in beta)

Package: Exclusive to Marketing Hub Enterprise

Already live: Pages, Blog Posts, Emails, Forms, CTAs

A fantastic way to organise your team or an agency to arrange your clients, Partitioning lets you to separate your marketing content so the right teams get access to the data they need. 

This allows for better organisation and a cleaner database - so you can focus on your marketing strategies and campaigns.

This feature is in beta, which means the feature is still in development and subject to change. Please see HubSpot’s terms of service for more information.

Multiple subscription centres (in beta)

Branded a “must” for growing companies with multiple teams, regions, or franchises by HubSpot, this neat little feature lets you create an email preference centre for every team or brand. This means every contact sees the right options when they’re choosing their email preferences and don’t need to unsubscribe to all of your emails if they don’t need to. 

This feature is in beta, which means the feature is still in development and subject to change. Please see HubSpot’s terms of service for more information.

Adaptive testing

Package: Exclusive to Marketing Hub Enterprise

Live: to all 

A/B testing is often something many marketers dread. Perhaps not the creating of different versions but more the part when you need to go back to the versions and pick the best-performing one to test against something else. 

It’s a finicky job, right? 

Tom and Paul working on AB testing

You’ll be glad to know the new Adaptive Testing integrates AI with A/B testing. That’s right. This means you’re now able to create up to five variations of a page and over time, HubSpot will send more traffic to the better-performing versions, ultimately picking a winner on your behalf. 

Less fiddling around for you, better performance for your pages. 

Account-based marketing (in beta)

ABM can be time-consuming but the Marketing Hub Enterprise now comes fully kitted out with all the starter tools you’ll need to run a successful ABM project. From company scoring and properties to templates and out-of-the-box templates, you’ll be able to get started with ABM - the HubSpot way - in no time.

This feature is in beta, which means the feature is still in development and subject to change. Please see HubSpot’s terms of service for more information.

Higher capacity limits

Some marketers worry that they’ll outgrow HubSpot. That’s why HubSpot are doubling their limits for their Enterprise customers across workflows, lists and more. This means there’s now even less reason to outgrow this platform and the only limit to your marketing efforts is your imagination.

HubSpot is the platform of choice if you want to nail your inbound marketing campaigns (not that we’re biased at all, of course 😉). After all, the foundations of the best marketing automation platforms should be based on seamless user experience. AKA they should 

And, judging from the new features introduced and all the other features that have been implemented in the past, this is what HubSpot always have in mind.

All of these new additions to the Marketing Hub Enterprise now position HubSpot as a great alternative to Marketo and other Enterprise marketing platforms, where customers of scale and complexity can stay with HubSpot and never outgrow the system.

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