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Digital 22 has become an Elite HubSpot partner

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I’ve witnessed a lot of huge milestones since I started Digital 22. Our first (and second) LOVE INBOUND event, continually growing the team with amazing people, moving into a state-of-the-art office - just to name a few off the top of my head. But the latest is yet another surreal and exciting moment to document.

Digital 22 has officially become an Elite HubSpot partner. From the team and I, we want to say a big thank you. To everyone who has helped us grow, learn, enjoy and achieve this milestone - we're beyond grateful. 

The Elite tier

If you’ve looked into the HubSpot partner directory already, you’d probably notice there are quite a few Diamond partners scattered around the globe. The Elite status is the newest and most exclusive partner tier added to the directory.

It signifies an agency’s experience and proficiency with the platform, helping customers to scale and transform their businesses through the use of the HubSpot CRM platform.

It’s the pinnacle for any inbound agency. Being part of the 0.1% of agencies in this tier is something we're truly proud of.

Why this matters

For context, there are around 6,000 HubSpot partner agencies in the world spanning across more than 65 countries. To be a part of that small group means the world to us. It shows our tireless dedication to our clients and driving results for them has paid off.

I’ll be honest, we’ve always felt a bit of an underdog in the market at Digital 22. We’re based in a small town in rural Lancashire, while other Elite partners are scattered around some of the biggest cities in the world, ranging from New York to Sydney.

Being able to put Clitheroe on the map is a proud moment. It isn’t just down to the team but also everyone who has helped us get there.

Thank you for helping us grow

This really isn’t about us. We wouldn’t have hit this significant milestone if it wasn’t for the people who have made this possible - all of our clients and partners.

This has been arguably the strangest year anybody has experienced, but we’re glad we still managed to help our clients reach their goals during times of uncertainty. Thank you for sticking with us throughout this journey.


Helping our customers and prospects has been our biggest focus this past year. Although our core purpose of Grow, Learn and Enjoy, Together is always our north star - we devoted even more time to it this year.

We’ve dedicated our resources to make sure our customers and prospects gain the insights they need to be successful when the world is on its head. From free training sessions to hands-on workshops, we hope everyone has gained and will continue to get plenty of value from them.

We also wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for all the endless support we receive from our partners. HubSpot, Vidyard, Databox, Seventh Sense - we’re big advocates of the software in our tech stack, but it goes beyond just using the software and helping our clients adopt it.

We’re grateful for ongoing support and for the role you’ve played in helping us become an Elite partner.

I’d personally like to give a huge shout out to every single client that has joined us on this exciting journey. Thank you for trusting us to be your safe pair of hands on your HubSpot account and projects. Our partners, thank you for your support. And most of all, the amazing people at Digital 22, thank you for making it all possible.

If you want to see how our customers' success has contributed to ours or you just want to feel inspired at what the inbound movement can lead to, please check out our case studies. Our clients have achieved great things through their commitment to inbound and the journey - and so have we as a result.