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Is it Important to Have a Lead Management System in Place?

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Forty-six percent of marketers with well-planned lead management strategies have sales teams who follow up on more than 75 percent of leads. This shows that a strict lead management system can improve efficiency and the overall performance of your business. 

But this isn’t the only reason why implementing a lead management system is important. Here are some more.


Regimented Lead Organisation

One of the main benefits of implementing a lead management system is that it’ll ensure strict organisation of your leads and will allow you to score them accurately too. There are various ways of organising them, but really it’s all down to company preference and how you feel suits your process the best.

Regions, engagement period, stage of the sales cycle and lead source are all ways in which businesses choose to organise their leads. This organisation will allow you to see clearly which leads need further nurturing and which ones are ready for a more direct sales approach that’ll allow for smarter, more informed decisions to be made.

Quicker Response Times

The modern customer expects rapid responses to their enquiries. If you’re not quick enough off the mark, you could ruin your chances and kiss goodbye to that lead before it’s even started.

People don’t like waiting around, so if your lead management system isn’t organised enough that allows you to respond in 24 hours, then there’s a chance that your prospects may have moved onto another option.

A lead management system also allows you to schedule an automated response accurately. For example, if requests are made out of office hours, it can direct the lead to the right place so that the right person can pick it up at the next possible opportunity.

Efficient Lead Distribution

Just like businesses organise their leads in different ways, they distribute them in completely different ways too. Some will have staff that handle all kinds of leads and will just work their way through a full list.

However, others will have sales teams that specialise in certain areas, therefore they’ll only target leads that meet certain criteria. This is usually apparent in larger businesses or ones that specialise in a technical product or service.

Whatever your approach may be, having a strict lead organisational process helps you optimise your leads, which means that they can be distributed into the right hands every time. It also reduces the chances of you calling and meeting dead ends so you no longer need to waste time chasing unvaluable leads.

Stronger Relationships with Prospects

A lot of buyers won’t make a move after just one or two engagements with you, so you need your lead management system to accurately score the lead in order to know how to approach them. By going in too forceful or too quick, you may ruin your relationship with the client and the overall chance of converting them from a lead to a customer.

It doesn’t have to be direct contact with one of your team either. Your lead management system can indicate what stage of the buying cycle your prospect is at, so it can allow you to provide the right information through a drip campaign.

For example, you could display the right CTA on a personalised email to make them click.

Unites Sales and Marketing Departments

We all know that sales and marketing have had their battles in the past, but a strict lead management system unites them and requires them to work well together in a partnership if it’s going to be a success. Obviously, the more information that marketing can provide about a lead, the more chance that sales has in converting them.

So, when working together, the two can be can an unstoppable force that’s invaluable to your business.

Find Out How to Grow Your Business Effectively

So, the right lead management system can assist your business’ growth in many ways. Don’t worry if you’re not sure on which other factors you need to concentrate on, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that informs you of everything you need to know.

Download your free copy below.