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Keeping customers happy with HubSpot: Your Service Hub toolkit

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Businesses of all sizes often make a common mistake — they plunge all of their time and effort into attracting new prospects rather than nurturing existing customers. 

While this makes sense — after all, we need to bring more customers on board to grow — it takes less time, effort and money to upsell or win repeat custom from an existing buyer than it does with a new prospect. 

All business owners dream of striking a perfect balance between their onboarding efforts and ongoing customer support. But with each customer at a different stage of the customer journey and responding to different types of content, it can take time and effort to support and nurture everyone across all stages. 

The HubSpot CMS – specifically the HubSpot Service Hub – is designed to help you do just that, with a range of powerful automation tools that can enhance your end-to-end customer experience. 

So, what is HubSpot Service Hub, and what tools does it offer to keep your customers happy? In this blog, we’ll take a look at:


Tools to help you get off on the right foot

Developing loyal customer relationships takes time to achieve, as customers require support at every stage of their journey. 

The best place to start is to deliver an exceptional onboarding experience that makes customers feel heard, delivers targeted messaging specific to their needs and makes communication effortless. 

HubSpot is a comprehensive CMS that offers all of this and more. From attracting prospects to nurturing leads and capturing customer loyalty, HubSpot houses a host of tools to help you do it all.


Tools for every stage of the customer journey



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HubSpot has tools dedicated to servicing each flywheel stage: attract, engage and delight. 

Once you’ve attracted prospects to your brand, the next task is to keep them engaged in the hope of converting them from prospects to qualified leads and lifelong customers. 

Your messaging plays a huge part in your success at the engage stage. Prospects are more likely to respond to messaging demonstrating your understanding of their specific needs and pain points. 

HubSpot Service Hub is equipped with tools that enable you to send customised emails at specific milestones along the customer journey. This personalised messaging helps customers develop stronger relationships with your brand, increasing customer loyalty and retention rates in the long run. 

As customers move through the lifecycle, HubSpot Service Hub tools allow you to track their progress using customised reports or dashboards. 

By leveraging these tools, you’ll see exactly where your customers stand in terms of their experience with your company. Not only does this give you a better overview of your service delivery, but it’ll also help you address any issues quickly and improve customer satisfaction.


Make answering questions easier with Knowledge Base

By providing one centralised source of information, HubSpot’s Service Hub Knowledge Base empowers your teams to provide exceptional client support and answer enquiries quickly and accurately. 

Once set up, you can make changes and additions to your Knowledge Base as and when required, so you can rest easy knowing your teams are aligned. 

Having your teams working together through HubSpot Knowledge Base mitigates the risk of the wrong information being fed to clients. Customers receiving inaccurate information can negatively impact their experience and overall opinion of your brand, leading to potential costs.


Be there when your customers need you with live chat

According to a study carried out by LiveChat, 62% of users would prefer to get help from live chat than wait to speak with a customer services representative on the phone. On top of that, 52% of customers are more likely to stick with a business that has a live chat service on their website. The numbers don’t lie — live chat helps keep customers happy. 

HubSpot’s live chat feature is intuitive and customisable, providing standard responses to frequently asked questions or allowing your team to engage with customers in real-time. And customers who get their issues resolved quickly and efficiently are likely to rate their experience highly. 


Continue to grow and improve with reliable customer feedback 

You know what they say in business — the customer’s always right. To that end, customer feedback can be one of the most valuable avenues when planning for future growth. 

The HubSpot Service Hub Customer Feedback module allows you to collect customer feedback about their experience with your company, uncovering insights you can leverage to ensure your service is constantly improving. 

By tracking key metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, you’ll have all the data you need to optimise every touchpoint along the customer journey and secure long-term success. 


Ticketing solutions that let customers know their voices are heard

When dealing with any issues that may arise, providing the right level of support as quickly and effectively as possible is essential. A streamlined and straightforward complaint-handling process is the only way to achieve this, and HubSpot has one built in. 

The Service Hub Ticketing tool offers several benefits for your customers and team, including:

  1. Customers raise issues and feel they’re being heard 
  2. Teams can easily track and manage service requests, providing updates for customers when necessary 
  3. Customers enjoy faster response times and are less likely to escalate a complaint
  4. Teams have a complete view of the issues that have been flagged and the methods used to resolve them, uncovering learnings that can be baked into your processes to provide an optimised customer experience


Leverage the power of automation to make sure you never lose touch

Keeping in touch with customers is a challenge all businesses face, especially with customers expecting more personalised communications from the brands they’ve grown to trust. 

HubSpot’s automation capabilities allow you to create workflows that speed up onboarding processes or streamline other customer service functions without eating into your daily working hours. 

You’ll be able to design personalised processes for each customer as they make their way through each journey stage, from initial contact to long-term loyalty. And with powerful integrations such as Seventh Sense, you can schedule your emails to automatically land in your customer’s inbox when they’re most likely to be active — whether that’s 3am or 3pm.  

You can also create triggers based on customer actions or events, allowing you to focus on growing your business and developing your service offering rather than manually managing tasks. 


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