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Knowing more to market better: a HubSpot Marketing case study - Impact Award Winner

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Fulfilmentcrowd offers end-to-end order fulfilment to growing online retailers in EMEA and North America. They’re based in the UK and provide storage, order fulfilment and shipping services to all types of eCommerce retailers.

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We delivered inbound strategy work, a detailed HubSpot Marketing Hub setup and built six HubSpot CMS websites, including a custom cost calculator.

Highlight summary

  • Fulfilmentcrowd went from having no effective marketing insights to tying individual assets to revenue won
  • 2021 Q4 website contacts up from 54 to 1,356+ YoY
  • 972 decision stage leads qualified by building a custom calculator on the website

The challenge

A complicated, heavy system meant the team couldn’t move at the pace needed to meet their growth targets. Changes were too slow to make on their custom CMS and insights were hard to gather from their CRM.

Marketing was like taking slow, painstaking shots in the dark.

Katie Shepherd, Brand Manager at fulfilmentcrowd, said the challenge was “a lack of transparency.” 

“Pulling data from our system was so difficult. [But] we needed to be able to see who our conversions were. We needed to be able to understand them so we could market to them better and so we could help the sales team.

“And so that we could get more quality leads.”

Plus, the company’s five-year growth plan required six new websites in the next six months.

The solution

The team’s solution with Katie and Lee was designed to best set them up for their planned growth. And build then hand it all over in a way that empowered their in-house team to stand on their own in the future.

We did this by rolling out their six new HubSpot websites and training them on maintaining, updating and using their new CMS.

The websites also included a custom-built calculator as a lead qualification tool.

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Also, we set up their HubSpot Marketing Hub to include:

  • Bespoke reports and dashboards to give top-level stakeholders the oversight of performance across their six international markets
  • Informative reports to give Katie and her team feedback on marketing assets and website performance (so they could get smarter with their output)
  • Lead lifecycle and deal attribution reports to better connect the fulfilmentcrowd marketing and sales teams

While that gave Katie’s team the tools to do better marketing, our Inbound Strategists assisted with some critical strategic work. This included new, detailed buyer personas and accompanying buyer’s journeys.

This ensured the fulfilmentcrowd marketing team could better target their customers and use the insights from their Marketing Hub to fine-tune and develop their efforts even further.

The results

As a project, Katie said it was delivered “on time and on budget” and was happy because you “can’t really ask for more than that, can you?”

Well, we’re more than pleased with the results brought about by the new websites and cost calculator, the strategy work we delivered and the insights provided by the marketing hub.

For starters, new website visitor sessions per quarter have grown by 3,298% in just nine months — going from 834 to 28,345.

And contacts created per quarter has grown by 2,411% YoY. Going from 54 in Q4 2020 to close to 1,356 and counting in Q4 2021 (with still with a month to go when the data was captured).

19961 2021 Q4 Impact Award Graphics Qly

19961 2021 Q4 Impact Award Graphics YoY contacts

And that’s great for a top-level picture. But what about the detail that Katie wanted?

Our team found out what fulfilmentcrowd wanted to know and set about building the reports to get HubSpot to show them. This covered:

  • Setting up lead scoring and presenting a funnel of lifecycle stages back to the team
  • Tying closed deal revenue back to marketing channels so the team could see where to double down on their efforts
  • And breaking down marketing conversions further into a content-by-content level report so analysis could go more in-depth

19961 2021 Q4 Impact Award Graphics lead scored funnel

19961 2021 Q4 Impact Award Graphics channel level revenue

19961 2021 Q4 Impact Award Graphics content level conversions

The impact

As part of their offering, fulfilment crowd offer an online portal for users to manage their account. With the new website, they’ve put themselves ahead of the competition,

“Customers say, ‘Your site is really easy to use!’” according to Katie.

And, just as importantly, it’s also easy on the back-end for her and her colleagues to use because “anyone in the company can now make a change if they need to.”

Thanks to the intuitive platform, drag-and-drop modular website build and detailed handover training, “anyone in the company can now make a change if they need to.”

19961 2021 Q4 Impact Award Graphics fulfilment crowd quote

This has allowed the fulfilmentcrowd team to overcome their initial challenge of moving and marketing at pace.

Katie’s favourite bit?

“The dashboards!” And that “it felt like we had a little add-on to our marketing team for a bit.”

That’s completely solved the biggest challenge of transparency that she was struggling with before working with Digital 22.

This blog post was submitted for a HubSpot Impact Award under the Grow Better Marketing category and was the quarterly winner for Q4 2021.


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