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MANAGING DIGITAL PROJECTS: Our approach to project management

Just imagine how much crazier James Bond's life would be without M and Q keeping him on track. It's sort of the same at Digital 22. Although, M and Q probably have it easy compared to what goes on here, with Tom, Faizal and Heather of our Projects team responsible for managing the workloads of our team of 40+ people.

In the first episode of our brand-new Managing Digital Projects podcast, Tom, Faizal and Heather take a deep dive into how they manage every project within Digital 22 and what their approach involves.

If you've ever wondered how a team of three manage to keep every project ticking along in real-time, making sure the team has enough work, ensuring it's delivered on time and on-budget, then this is the podcast for you. 



What is project management?

If you can manage to hear past Faizal's relaxing voice, he kicks off the episode with an in-depth explanation of what project management means to us at Digital 22.

This includes everything from scoping projects and scheduling workloads for the team members involved in a particular project, right through to cost analysis, being flexible for clients and process improvements.

Heather then dives into the difference between project management and programme management. If it's something that often trips you up, make sure to hit play to find out what they both really mean. 

Project building must-haves

Projects are involved from the get-go regarding new projects. If you often find your backs against the wall because you don't have what you need and have to make things work in a shorter time, here's what's important to our Projects team:

  • Good comms and an early heads-up from Sales
  • Having the right tools available
  • Maintaining quality control
  • Limiting handoffs where possible
  • Providing realistic timeframes

But over the years, they've also picked up some golden nuggets on what's important to the Digital 22 team - things you should also add to your project management process:

  • Detailed task briefs
  • Ease of use in a project management system
  • Regular production calls
  • Effective comms from teammates

Biggest learnings

Our Projects Team have made our lives so much easier over the years. Their biggest learnings during this time include regular comms, consistency of project layout to help everyone in the team and training team members on using our project management system, Accelo.

And that's just scratching the surface on what the guys discuss in the inaugural episode of Managing Digital Projects. If you want more in-depth explanations on the above, as well as other talking points such as how we track project delivery, using AI and more, then make sure to hit the play button above to watch the episode or listen on-the-go using the Soundcloud button.

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