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5 things marketers should do after the summer holiday

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We all love holidays! Getting out of your normal day-to-day routine, eating as much ice cream as you want in the sunshine. But when autumn comes you want to ready to do better and really go for it. Here are five tips to help  you get down to business now the holiday is over.

5 things to do after the summer break

1. Delete, sort and prioritise emails

You know all those newsletters you have signed up for to “stay up to date”, and all the other updates you get from different products and systems you use? Well, while you were away your inbox has been filled to the brim with these emails. This means that it can be difficult to see the emails that you should actually read and act on.

Do not pause to consider the magnitude of the task, just throw yourself into the work and stop day dreaming about margaritas on the beach. Just deal with those newsletters and updates first to get a clear overview of what emails you actually should be dealing with.

Why not use a tool like Unroll.Me to help you sort your inbox and unsubscribe from all the emails you never actually read whilst delivering all the one you do read into one handy daily email.


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2. Check how things are going

Before you went on holiday you probably did some last minute marketing: sent out a quick newsletter, published a blog post and promoted these in social media. Now that you are back it is time to see how these campaigns and ads performed.

Google analytics

Don’t just look for what gave you the most traffic, but specifically what converted visitors to leads. Which links did people click in the newsletter? What ads gave the best results in social media?

Pick out what works and keep it up. You should also identify things you have always been doing that do not provide results. Stop it. Now!

3. Write down all those ideas you had on the beach

You probably tried to think of other things while you were tanning on the beach, but when you relax and unwind, great inspiration comes your way. It is important to not let those ideas go to waste.

If you have not already written it all down, do so now. Next pick the things that you should test and create a plan to have it live as soon as possible, before you lose that fire.


4. Go back to the archive

The content that is already on your blog is not done working. After giving your head a little break you might see things with new eyes. Go back to the blog posts that might not have performed as well.

What could the reason be? Few clicks? Try a new title. Not that many CTA clicks? Swap these for some that might be more relevant for those reading exactly this post. 

5. Learn something new

You might be sad to see the summer end, but remember the butterflies in your stomach the first day of school? A lot of new people to meet and lots to learn. What about finding inspiration to write better texts for your company blog or maybe even find new ways to get the high quality leads you've always been dreaming of?

There is no reason to stop learning. Marketing is always changing and there are plenty of courses, seminars and certifications that can help you develop. The team here at Inbound Norway love learning new things and stay up-to-date with HubSpot’s latest certifications about inbound marketing and sales.

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