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My remote onboarding experience at Digital 22

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The start of 2021 has been challenging for the world as a whole, but for me, there were some additional obstacles to overcome. A change of workplace by way of landing a new job, a transition from sales to business development and a move from Yorkshire to Lancashire. Those are just some of the main things that spring to mind when thinking of 2021's vast array of personal challenges. 

On top of the more obvious problems we all had to face, you may wonder how I dealt with all of this without getting too overwhelmed. Enter Digital 22… 

Securing a new adventure

The remote interview process was both thorough and fair. It allowed me to focus on being myself and enjoying the company of the Digital 22 team, rather than worrying about remembering all the robotic, corporate replies typical in most interviews nowadays. 

Though I’d swotted up on some general inbound marketing knowledge and attempted to memorise Digital 22s services, the interviews were more like a friendly chat than anything else.

The first insight into the relaxed and people-orientated culture made me realise I wanted to be a part of the team. It was my first sign this company actually worked differently from others, with their preference for a positive attitude and a can-do mindset triumphing over skills and experience alone. 

Thankfully, this aspect of Digital 22 wasn’t just clever marketing. 

Before hearing the good news of the job offer to be a Business Development Representative, I had already built healthy relationships with my interviewers and bonded with them over interests.

One of which included beer and the many variations of, to the point where I began worrying whether or not I mentioned it a bit too much. Yet, after speaking of these worries to my new colleagues, they said it’s probably why I got the job (thank you as always, my love of beer). 

My first taste of Digital 22 (and Lancashire ale)

On my first day, I went into the office in Clitheroe and was met with some lovely welcome presents, including craft ales from Bowland Brewery just underneath our office. Though my home county of Yorkshire is superior for craft ales and most other things, the beer connoisseur in me can confirm they weren’t too bad. 

bowland beer hall

Having Britain’s largest beer hall just below your office is definitely what dreams are made of. I also had a brand-new laptop to collect, which made the working from home process a lot more seamless and efficient than I thought it’d be. Although, I didn’t even realise it was a touchscreen until two days into using it - good job I’m in sales and not anything too technical like some of our Developers. 

My first couple of weeks naturally involved meeting the many faces and personalities at Digital 22, which meant plenty of online introductions and welcome messages. I appreciated this a lot while many of the team were working remotely, as it meant I could say hello to everyone and feel part of the team straight away. 

People also made sure to message me and ask if I needed any help, ensuring the culture still came across even in remote circumstances. 

Coming from a non-marketing background, I was initially intimidated by the number of acronyms and jargon I had to get used to. But by the end of week one, I had two HubSpot certifications under my belt and could confidently distinguish the SEO from SEM and everything else in between. 

All in all, my first week at Digital 22 made me start contemplating the radical idea that people from Lancashire aren’t so bad after all. 

D22 - Sign and office

Realising my role at Digital 22 is more than just a job

The support structure here established Digital 22 as a workplace that recognises we’re humans before employees. Regular meetings with our line managers and even the opportunity to undergo coaching means there’s always someone to speak to. Whether to offer guidance about professional and personal development or about what's on the cards for lunch. 

This is something I feel grateful to have and look forward to taking full advantage of. As with everything here, the transition to remote working wasn’t viewed as an obstacle but another vehicle for growing and learning. 

Daily online meetings with colleagues have been crucial over the past couple of months of my onboarding. It was one of how Digital 22 maintained the feeling of togetherness and camaraderie, so I never really had the feeling I was working alone. 

The company also organised things like online games and video calls with a random person in the company. It’s a nice remote equivalent of wandering over to someone’s desk for a chat to break up the day.

There’s now also the excitement of lockdown restrictions easing, which means I can look forward to office life in full force (and regular trips to the Brewery).  

Being thankful that I got the job

Though my tenure at Digital 22 has, in the context of things, been rather short, the support and attention I’ve received from my first day have been exceptional. While the world itself has been in better states, Digital 22 goes above and beyond to make sure any problems you have, whether work-related or otherwise, are given the respect and care needed to pull you through. 

my onboarding experience

With the development programmes in place to ensure I’m growing in every aspect of my life, I’m just as excited for the future as I am for the present. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for learning and Digital 22 harbours and facilitates this growth in ways that make the process itself as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. 

The company culture initially enticed me to join Digital 22, so my expectations were already high in that regard. But even now, I’m still impressed by how attentive and personal the whole experience has been. 

And yes, I’m starting to like these Lancashire folk after all.

Want to join the great culture here at Digital 22? 

As we are a rapidly growing company, there is usually always a role available and we’re always on the lookout for the best talent in the area. If you want to work in one of Lancashire’s friendliest places, within a great culture and alongside a great bunch of people, check out our careers page using the button below.