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New Google Ads Reps & their suggestions.

If you’re reading this and you advertise on Google Ads, I have no doubt that by now you will have been contacted by a Google Ads representative. Now, in the not too distant past, your Google Ads rep used to be a great point of contact. They would change every six months or so but would offer a good insight into your account, how it was working for you and suggestions to improve performance. The main thing I mentioned there was, how it was working for you. 

The new Google Ads reps are from a 3rd party organisation employed by Google to contact account holders and increase activity. From my personal dealings and chatting with others who manage accounts, their main suggestions revolve around increasing spend. That’s it.


At no point are you asked how your campaigns are working for you. There’s no checking of historical performance and you won’t be asked if it’s working well or about the goals and aim of the campaigns. It is all about increasing your spend, often unnecessarily.

I’ve heard some horror stories of Reps asking for access to accounts and becoming aggressive when told no. Emailing customers directly who have their account managed by an agency, saying there are critical errors that need amending. This is not good for Google or Google Ads.

My advice should you have one of these Google Ads reps call you is simple - listen to what they say and ask them to email you their suggestions. With this, you can review and take advice on the suggestions offered. If you have your Ads managed for you, I’m sure your agency or Account Manager will be more than happy to discuss them in much more detail.


More often than not, once you’ve discussed the issues with someone you trust and have a good working relationship with, they don’t seem so critical and you can discuss and plan your strategy in more detail.

To wrap it up, the new Google Reps are very persistent. If you take the call, listen to what they say, ask for them to email their suggestions and don’t panic. Talk through the suggestions with your agency or Account Manager. If you run the account yourself, do some research online. There are a lot of good forums and Facebook groups out there which are a great resource of information, some of my favourites are Wordstream, PPC Hero, Search Engine Journal and SEMRush. 

If you’re looking into more information on PPC and how to get the most out of your ad spends, why not check out our podcast? In it, I cover all the bases when it comes to paid search. I also focus on AdRoll and why you need to focus on utilising paid search.

There’s even a few tips on how to get started. Click on the link below to watch.