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Our social events: What, how and why we think they're important

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When you think of social events for work, you could be thinking of a team-building event, a meal out or maybe even an office party. But why are social events so important? After all, you come to work, don't you? Not have a good time?

Well, actually, that’s not true, or we don’t think it is anyway. Yes, we want you to get your job done, and done well, but we recognise you spend a lot of time in the office (or currently working remotely). But it’s important you enjoy that time and you enjoy the people you work with.

A positive culture

I mean, now more than ever, employees want their work to feel like a family - like they’ve got support. 

We firmly believe a company that has a positive culture gives everyone a sense of identity and belonging. Culture isn’t just about social events, but it helps.

Having a positive culture not only makes the workplace more enjoyable, but we’ve also found it increases productivity, teamwork and ultimately, the team’s happiness, which should take priority over anything else.

celebrating digital 22 birthday social event

A study has actually shown that employees are 13% more productive when they’re happy! We believe, organising regular social events maximises these feelings and overall, it has a really positive impact on the team.

We’ve always held social events here at Digital 22 and we pride ourselves in investing in our team’s happiness. They aren’t all focused on work either, but before we get onto that, one example is our famous LOVE INBOUND event.

love inbound event

LOVE INBOUND brings our clients and potential prospects from all over the country to listen to speakers, industry experts and learn the ins and outs of marketing followed by an after party. We share our culture and live our core purpose through this event.

Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together.

Some of our favourite social events

Some of the other events - before the pandemic - that were 'just for fun' included our team taking on the Crystal Maze. We split the company into randomised groups to compete in a battle of brain, brawn and skill, all in the name of team building (that totally got quite competitive).

crystal maze social event

Shout out to ‘24 Barrett Gold’ for coming first place. The team proudly named after our Finance & Operations Manager, Tom Barrett. 

There’s a dedicated group of campers who’ve just ticked Ben Nevis and Helvellyn off of their lists, and for those of you who prefer a night in, we’ve got our very own Digital 22 D&D corner, music and mood lighting included.

digital 22 helvellyn social event

Earlier this year, the team took to Europe's largest arcade, Arcade Club, which included a whopping three floors of classic & modern games, along with a bar, bites & beer. Needless to say, the team spent a large chunk of that time with Mario, Luigi and a couple of racetracks. 

Don’t worry, we like a sociable night out as well... you’ll find us hiring out a cocktail bar and dancing the night away for Christmas parties. 

Digital 22’s outlook on social events is only positive. Every year, we put a budget aside for these activities and make sure we put in the time and effort to organise a well deserved day or night out for the entire team.

One of our main priorities is also making sure we cater to everyone at Digital 22. One of our favourite celebrations is Eid. This is something we started celebrating last year after wanting to make our social events more diverse.

eid celebration social event

Holding a ‘Jacob Join’ style Eid lunch allowed us to learn about the Muslim culture & indulge is some amazing food. 

Want to be a part of our amazing social events? Check out our current vacancies

At Digital 22, we're all about working hard to exceed our clients' expectations, and also enjoying the downtime for all our hard work. Sound like your sort of workplace?

If you want to be part of some amazing social events at a place you'd love to work, have a look at our careers page to see what positions we have available!