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Recap: Digital 22’s first-ever LOVE INBOUND event

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After a hectic few months, we finally moved into our brand spanking new office in the renovated Holmes Mill in Clitheroe. Keeping up with the big milestones, the entire team at Digital 22 pulled together to create, host and successfully deliver our first-ever LOVE INBOUND event by giving people who are passionate about inbound marketing the chance to hear from industry experts. 

Don’t worry if you missed it this year; here’s exactly what went down and how you can be a part of the next one.

UPDATE TO THIS POST: Since the time of recording the event and publishing this round-up, Digital 22 has become Avidly HubSpot Solutions. LOVE INBOUND is still happening and is bigger than ever. You can sign up here...


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Which Industry Leaders Spoke at the Event?

How Can I Attend the Next One? 


In case you didn’t get the memo the first time or were unable to attend, LOVE INBOUND is an exclusive and free event. It gives those passionate about inbound marketing the chance to hear from industry experts.

rikki lear digital 22 love inbound

We knew that high-quality inbound marketing events are a rarity in the UK. So, we took it upon ourselves to host an inbound-focused event packed full of influential speakers ranging from HubSpot right through to AdRoll.

The aim was to provide a wealth of knowledge, insights and help people do better inbound marketing. That’s why we brought over some huge names to speak at the event and provide each attendee with real value so they could begin marketing much more effectively right away.

Based on the feedback we received after it, it’s no surprise that preparations are underway for LOVE INBOUND 2020.

Which industry leaders spoke at the event?

Mark Byrne - Director at Digital 22: Stepping out of your comfort zone

Digital 22’s own Mark Byrne hosted LOVE INBOUND, welcoming the guests and explaining what was on the agenda for the day.

mark byrne david dunn luke staton love inbound

Mark shared a defining moment in his life that changed his mentality towards fear, getting out of your comfort zone and how to step out of it to succeed. If you want to see the full video and read more about his talk (and a crazy experience during a Tony Robbins event), then head over to this blog.

Luke Staton - motivational speaker

Luke Staton kicked off the morning and the afternoon to get everyone in attendance ready for the day ahead. Watch the videos below as the enthusiastic motivational speaker empowered the audience with inspiring anecdotes and encouraged the collaboration of like-minded individuals with a fun icebreaker. 

In his afternoon session, Luke continued with more emotional stories and spurred everyone on to stand their ground.

Luke Staton Love Inbound Talk


Robbie McFarlane - Principal II Channel Consultant at HubSpot: Focusing on the customer

When it comes to offering expert inbound marketing advice, look no further than HubSpot. Robbie McFarlane - Principal Channel II Consultant at HubSpot - was one of three speakers from the company we managed to secure for LOVE INBOUND.

Robbie spoke about the infamous Flywheel that’s dominating inbound marketing and gave some useful tips on how you can build the driving force behind it and build momentum. He also offered invaluable knowledge on receiving beneficial feedback from customers through Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. 

Speaking of NPS surveys, here are some of the responses we got following the event after taking Robbie’s advice on board.

"The quality of speakers was above and beyond my expectations. Each one gave at least one takeaway I was eager to start implementing into our own marketing strategy."

"Awesome speakers, awesome venue, awesome food and awesome people!"

"Open, honest content from a variety of speakers. An engaging event from a friendly, professional set of people and most of all, massively important information about how we now need to engage with our potential customers."

Feedback from some of the attendees.

To watch the full video of Robbie’s talk, head over to the dedicated blog.

Christian Kinnear - VP of Sales & MD at HubSpot: Fireside chat

The second speaker who flew over from Dublin for LOVE INBOUND was HubSpot Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA - Christian Kinnear.

Christian featured in a fireside chat with Digital 22 Solutions Manager, Caroline, to explore the massive growth and the future of the HubSpot platform.

christian kinnear love inbound

To gain some useful knowledge and to see the chat in full, check out the blog dedicated to their segment.

Johanna Eichhorst - Head of SMB Account Management at AdRoll: Fueling growth with display advertising

Next up was AdRoll’s Head of SMB Account Management, Johanna Eichhorst. Johanna touched on several topics during her slot which proved to be a hit with the audience.

She discussed the importance of data, how it can align your marketing as well as some super-useful tips to fuel growth. So you don’t miss out on Johanna’s important talking points, you’ll benefit from reading this blog which features her video in full.

Rikki Lear - Founder and Director of Digital 22: SEO tips and advice

A popular talk on an equally-popular topic. Digital 22’s Rikki Lear delved into all things SEO and provided helpful and honest tips when it comes to ranking on search engines.

Rikki also discussed the future of SEO, gave advice on what not to do when outreaching for backlinks and even revealed the results of a website speed test for the companies in attendance. To hear all of Rikki’s great points and see the results of that test, head over to this blog to see his talk in full.

"A great opportunity to network with peers and industry experts. I picked up both immediate and long-term actions I can take from the rich agenda. See you next year!"

"Fantastic, informative and fun event which really inspired us to make positive digital changes to our processes for the future. Highly recommend!"

"A great experience all round. The team was welcoming and the speakers insightful and informative."

Feedback from some of the attendees.

Terrance Kwok - Vidyard Product Manager: The importance of video

If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with our blog (or inbound marketing trends in general), then you know that it’s time to put a massive focus on video. That’s why we brought over Vidyard’s Terrance Kwok as he gave everyone plenty of insights on just how important video is.

terrance kwok love inbound

Terrance gave Vidyard’s take on the Flywheel, demonstrated how you can make video a crucial part of your sales and marketing strategy and what you can do to get started right now. See his full talk over at this blog.

Aidan O’Leary - Head of Channel Sales at HubSpot - the age of the buyer

The final talk from LOVE INBOUND was closed out by Aidan O’Leary, Head of Channel Sales UKI at HubSpot. Aidan’s talk revolves around the age of the buyer and how sales and marketing must change. 

To find out in more depth about what Aidan had to say about the difficulty of working in marketing and sales today, what to do to provide an exceptional buying experience plus a lot more, check out the full video in this blog.

How can I attend the next one? 

UPDATE TO THIS POST: Since the time of recording the event and publishing this round-up, Digital 22 has become Avidly HubSpot Solutions. LOVE INBOUND is still happening and is bigger than ever.

You can find out more and sign up here...