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SEO Tips: Choose Your Battles When Fixing Crawl Errors

If you find that the crawl errors for your site are so numerous that you aren't sure where to start with fixing them; choose your battles wisely. Here's another post in our series of SEO tips. 

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Why Is This An Issue?

If left to grow and grow without managing them, a list of crawl errors can become so large that some of them end up harming your organic traffic levels.

Due to fixing them can often be perceived as time-consuming compared to the benefits gained, fixing crawl errors can be seen as a low priority issue for those with large sites. But doing all the little things as well as possible brings the best possible results - just ask Team GB.

Also, many people are unsure how to fix crawl errors without the help of an experienced SEO consultant, but tactically choosing which ones to fix can help improve your optimisation practice.

Good housekeeping really helps show Google that your site is live and well managed, which is all part of helping build your domain authority

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What's The Impact Of All This?

Admittedly this process is a bit of a slow burner when it comes to results, but it needs to be part of a wider, comprehensive SEO strategy. In addition, the more out-of-hand your crawl errors are, the more your ranking could be harmed. Which lowers traffic and therefore conversions.

How Do You Choose Which Crawl Errors To Fix?

Starting today, mark all errors as "resolved" in your Google Search Console and monitor this on a weekly basis.

By doing this, you should see the more pressing crawl errors come back once the site is re-crawled and then you can work out which are both most pressing and fixable - and then fix them.

This also removes all historic errors - many of which may be no longer an issue - and saves you spending time chasing errors which aren't actually causing any harm.

How Do You Do It And Why Bother?

Google Search Console is a solid tool to use, but we also tend to use Moz Pro. This is because the Moz tool picks up more errors and displays them in a way which makes it easier to find the route cause.

Until somebody (Google) develops an extension or feature to prioritise crawl errors in this way autonomously, this is going to remain a means of getting that extra little bit out of your SEO practice. 

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