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6 Sources To Stay Ahead Of The Digital Marketing Curve

2 mins read

To help you stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, we've collated a list of 6 places you should regularly check to make sure you're straight onto the latest developments, releases and trends in digital and inbound marketing.


As an agency, it’s our job to stay ahead of the curve and provide clients with the most effective tactics available today.

Luckily, I'm now surrounded by experts in each individual skill set, but I remember when I worked as an in-house marketer, it was much tougher to stay in the know.

I wanted to be ahead of the curve, but without all the skill sets around me, I found it was up to me to spend the time educating myself and always learning. At the time, I wished someone would have sent me a simple list of best places to learn.

So, that's why we've put this post together. Here's 6 places to bookmark and keep an eye on, in order to make sure you keep your knowledge up to date:

  1. The HubSpot Academy
  2. Moz's Whiteboard Fridays
  3. PPC Hero Blog
  4. Copy Hackers Blog
  6. Our Blog

And here's why we think they're the ones you need to concentrate on.

If you're wondering, "Why only six sources?" Well, we know you're busy enough as it is, so we don't want to give you a list that's too long to realistically keep on top of.

We've tried to narrow it down to the most beneficial sources we know...

1. The HubSpot Academy - A Place To Learn Inbound Theory

The HubSpot Academy - a great place for learning inbound techniques and theory.

The first of our sources to stay ahead comes from the leading voice and platform within the inbound marketing industry, it'd be wrong not to include their learning portal. But that isn't why it makes the list.


There's hours and hours of explanatory videos, with tangible examples and follow up tests and certifications for you to complete. Check them out and also check out their inbound marketing blog.

2. Moz's Whiteboard Fridays - Weekly SEO Strategy Videos

Moz's Whiteboard Fridays - weekly videos which focus on SEO strategy.


You're hopefully already aware of (and a fan of Moz) and using the site as one of your marketing resources. The team over there are one of the front runners when it comes to SEO strategy and insight. Check out their weekly Whiteboard Friday videos which focus on bite size particulars that you can add to your SEO and inbound campaigns.

3. PPC Hero - A Go-To Blog For PPC Knowledge

PPC Hero Blog - a great site for making sure your PPC game is strong and ready to adapt to the every changing SERP pages and user habits.

The blog has regular case studies and has input from people at various different agencies and companies.


Everything is practical and already tried and tested. You get to tap into all the reputable contributors' findings. And they come from a wide variety of places.

4. Copy Hackers - A Blog To Better Your Writing

Copy Hackers Blog - because, as even the greatest writers say, writing is a skill that needs honing and crafting constantly. This blog's great for content writing tips.


It covers everything digital marketing writers need, from beginner to expert level, has Tutorial Tuesdays and has resources to help you find writers for your company too.

5. - A Helpful Community To Join - an online community for inbound marketers. Kind of like a Reddit/messageboard/forum/blog-hybrid, with a very welcoming and engaging community.


We all post and contribute to this great site. Articles regularly get shared and people ask for help, share ideas and generally look to make each other better inbound marketers, on this site.

See how a post of mine went viral on there and how it helped the agency.

6. Our Blog - Curating All Of The Above

Our Blog - rather than following all the other sources, you could just subscribe to our blog as we'll be checking all the other 5 places (and a lot more, thanks to the diverse range of skills our team has as a whole) and curating the best news, information and strategy for you.

We have designers, writers, PPC and SEO team members here at Digital 22, all working on providing the full inbound package for our clients. Following our blog means you can tap into their expertise and insight.

Want To Know More About Inbound Marketing?

Then take a look at this free marketing resource guide we've put together to help you get more from your inbound marketing efforts. All of our expert knowledge has been put together into one big reference document. Download your copy now.