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Upskill for Impact: HubSpot & Avidly in World Certification Week

World Certification week is a global, virtual event that allows people to upskill themselves by becoming HubSpot certified.

Sounds great, so how does that make an impact? During World Certification Week in 2021, HubSpot donated over $35,000 to charity and this year, it’s hoping to donate even more. Avidly is taking it one step further by encouraging its employees to take part in adding an extra donation to a second charity.
World cert week


Who are the charities and when is World Certification Week?

World Certification week takes place between 9th and 13th of May 2022. For every HubSpot certification taken during that week, HubSpot will donate $5 to Teach For All. For each certification taken by the Avidly team, Avidly will contribute a further €5 to Ukraine. 

As a team, we’re targeting 500 certifications during that week, each one generating two donations. We’ll let you know how we do! 

Teach For All is HubSpot’s chosen charity partner for this event. As a charity, it’s committed to ensuring children can reach their potential. Millions of children worldwide lack the education and opportunities they need to thrive, so Teach For All is developing collective leadership to ensure all children have the opportunities to help them.

Avidly’s chosen charity is UNHCR. The crisis in Ukraine is something that has left many people shocked and saddened. We’ve chosen this charity to help support those affected by the conflict. 

Why should you get involved?

As marketers, it’s important you keep learning. There’s always something new out there. If you aren’t learning, the chances are your competitors are, which will leave you playing catch up. There are huge advantages to staying ahead of the game with your learning, but we know it’s sometimes easier said than done. 

Completing HubSpot certifications can take time and commitment but provides huge opportunities to strengthen your professional development. 

The HubSpot Academy provides a platform to learn from thought leaders and experts on a variety of industry topics. There’s guaranteed to be something you can learn to help take your marketing to the next level, get more out of the platform or improve efficiencies when working with other teams across your business. What’s not to love?

Ready to get involved?

It’s easy to get involved and help make an impact. Sign up for the HubSpot Academy. It’s free. You can start learning now, so you’re ready to take (and pass) your exams between 9th and 13th of May. Invite your team too and see how much you can help contribute to HubSpot’s chosen charity, Teach For All. 

If you decide to join the challenge, you can share this with everyone by using #WorldCertificationWeek on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.