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VIDEO FIRST: Top 5 tips for better webinars and video calls

Are you tired of low quality video calls and drab webinars? If you're finding it a challenge to create high-quality videos, then this brand new podcast is for you. Join Digital 22's Head of Growth, Paul, and Video Specialist, Jonathan, as they run through their top five tips on how you can improve your video call quality.

Stepping foot into the office for the first time after a while, Jonathan and Paul spill all the secrets to making your webinars and video calls better for the debut episode of the 'VIDEO FIRST' podcast.

Video calls and webinars have the potential to provide so much value and enrichment, so getting them right is key. Check out their insights in the video below.



Maybe you're on a team catch-up, meeting a new client for the first time over video call or you're delivering a webinar to your audience. Whatever the case, setting up and producing your video content right can have a huge impact on the mood and actions of those watching. 

How to improve your video call quality

We've spoken a lot about a video-first approach to marketing before. Here's a quick rundown of what the guys discussed:

  1. Planning ahead is always the first step. Rushing to book in a last-minute call or throw together a webinar can lead to poor quality content and lukewarm outcomes from viewers at best. 
  2. Lighting is key to creating an appealing, inviting video. You don't need fancy bulbs or expensive set ups to achieve good lighting, though. In the podcast, we shed some light on how to do this for free.
  3. You want to visually engage your audience, yes. But if they can't hear your message clearly, what's the point? Improving your audio quality is as easy as making clever use of some household items. Find out what those are by hitting play.
  4. Your computer's settings are a hidden treasure trove of tools and quick-fixes to make your video calls miles better. Exploring and changing your settings doesn't have to be as daunting as you think, though.  
  5. Everybody makes mistakes, especially when feeling extra pressure to be perfect. You don't need to be afraid of making mistakes on camera. Hear Jonathan's brilliant advice on learning fro mistakes and re-shooting. 

Fancy hearing more detailed insights on their expert tips? Make sure to hit the play button above to either watch the video or listen to on Soundcloud.

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