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What to expect in the Digital 22 vlogs

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At Digital 22, we're excited about our people. What we really love about working here is sharing our passion for marketing with lots of like-minded individuals who are a delight to work with. That's why we've started Digital Take Two - a vlog series to reveal the people behind all the marketing magic.

Our company ethos is to grow, learn and enjoy together. Although COVID-19 has stopped us from physically being together, we've worked out ways around that. From virtual bingo sessions to pancake flipping competitions, we haven't let it stop us from being together.

Here's why culture is so important to us and what you can expect from our three latest vlog episodes. 

The joys of remote working 

Did you create a temporary working station when we initially went into lockdown? Well, that's what Rikki, Digital 22 Founder and Managing Director, did after expecting only to work remotely for a matter of weeks. Nearly one year later and it's about time he sorted out a proper working space.

In this episode, we follow Rikki to the D22 office where he and other team members get cracking filming some promotional videos. We also get to see Rikki's spectacular home office transformation.


May the best pancake flipper win

Rikki invites us to be a fly-on-the-wall during his daily meetings.

Unfortunately, the top-secret bits have been bleeped out. If you've been working from home this past year, you've probably found you're not getting up and moving as much as you used to in the office. That's why our Web Strategist, Elle, who's a dedicated yogi, has been holding weekly yoga sessions to get us up and moving. It feels good to stretch.

And of course, it was pancake day, so we hosted a pancake flipping competition. Check out the contestants and the winner in our second episode below.


There's always something fun going on here (when we aren't busy helping out clients grow). To stay up-to-date with everything that happens here at Digital 22, subscribe to our YouTube channel by hitting the button below. 👇

Molly and Jon go on an adventure

In our latest vlog, Molly, Marketing Coordinator, and Jon, our Video Specialist wizard, got up at the crack of dawn to drive down to Nottinghamshire to visit Revival Beds, one of our valued clients who have been with us for two years.

Coffee and sunglasses are mandatory - you don't want to miss out on the snazziest pair of sunglasses you've seen. Hit play below to watch this Revival Beds' special episode.


Why culture is so important to us

If you think of some tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter, they're all known for having an incredible company culture. It's integral to everything they do. By creating a place where people love to work, you capture positivity, innovation and passion - three things crucial to a successful business. 

At Digital 22, we don't micromanage. We're creatives and we understand a team needs freedom to do what they do best: create.

That's why we encourage our D22 family to do what they think is best for their growth, colleagues and clients. 

Our company culture is built on respect and we're proud of it. And what's really great about working here is even during a global pandemic, we've been incredibly lucky to actually expand our team.

Want to work for a company with a culture like ours? We'd love to hear from you

If you're looking to join a marketing agency that will help you grow, we're always looking for new members to join the D22 family. Whether you're a writer, strategist or social media expert, check out our latest vacancies using the button below.