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What's culture and what's ours at Digital 22?

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When you think of some of the great companies of the 21st Century, you think of those who are constantly changing the game, the companies that seem to be ever-evolving and are consistently topping their own accomplishments year in, year out. The likes of Netflix, HubSpot, Starbucks and Amazon. Well, there’s a secret sauce to that - the culture code.

What’s a culture code?

So, what is a culture code? It’s a list of core values, missions and how success is seen by the employees… it’s the atmosphere in the office. The way you feel about your colleagues. How people treat each other. It comes from the approach and attitude people choose to have.

The culture code defines what employees believe in, what they do and how they work with people internally (and externally!). It's a way of formalising employees' DNA and the soul of the company so it becomes the backbone of how people act and are treated at work.

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So, who should create a culture code? Leadership, right? Now, that might be how other companies decide theirs but when Digital 22 was founded, it was a priority to make sure the company was an enjoyable place to work.

Bearing this in mind, when it came to creating our culture code, it was a no-brainer to let everyone pitch in to create a set of values they believe in. We wanted everyone to have a say in this because we wanted the team to relate to it have a positive relationship with this set of values.

The Digital 22 culture code

Do what you think is best. The best for Digital 22, the best for your growth, the best for your colleagues and the best for your client - without taking advantage
Be accountable. Because we’re all adults, we should own up to what we need to
Communicate properly. Speak to people with respect and be a good listener. And there’s no need to gossip
Respect other people. Their time, their work and their ideas
Support your colleagues. Like a family, be there for each other and the favour will be returned one day
Keep getting better. We’re #1 in Europe but we can all learn. Learn from your mistakes and help others learn from theirs (and yours too)
Be considerate. Remember you’re in a shared space and how you behave impacts people around you
Clean up after yourself. If you don’t sort it, you’re leaving it for somebody else to do it for you. From overdue tasks to cups and plates on the drainer
Enjoy the ride. Being the best is hard work, embrace it and celebrate whenever you can


Why is this so important? Having a culture your employees believe in will mean they're more likely to enjoy their work. The culture code is the spine of Digital 22 and gives everyone a guide of how to enjoy working here.

It will allow friendships to blossom within the workplace which ultimately makes people more productive, studies show.

Here’s what some of our team think about working for Digital 22

“Working at Digital 22 isn't like other jobs. It's a place of learning, a place where you can experiment with new ideas - whether that's in content creation, design, digital marketing - or even a mix of them all. Being able to try new things within an innovative environment helps improve my knowledge and skills, meaning I'm not just 'working', I'm growing.

"With a tight-knit, friendly and undeniably fun team, a week at work doesn't leave you praying for the weekend.” - Jack Cribb - Content Marketer.

“I love the team mentality everyone helps each other to achieve the same goal. The thought that if there are dishes in the sink don’t just walk past and say they aren’t my problem but take the time to clear up and avoid someone else having to.

"If we all work together rather than separately the deliverables will be achievable. It’s a fair honest workplace who listens to employees thoughts and grows and evolves continually.” - Danielle Whittaker - Senior SEO Specialist.

“There's something special about working at Digital 22, it has a special aura. I've never worked at a place where I unanimously get along with everyone there. It's a place where you're completely trusted to do the job you're given and there's absolutely no micro-management. D22's culture has an innate ability to bring everybody together and I always feel 100% supported by my team.

"There's always something going on, whether it's a meal booked last minute (lots of foodies at D22, we only go to the best spots), a hike up Helvellyn or my personal favourite, the office parties. It's allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person.” - Jack Kendall - Senior Strategist.

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