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Why is it important to love your job?

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Why is it important to love your job? Is it the opportunity to grow? The chance to build better relationships? Because it makes you healthier? It’s all of these and more.

I’ve listed some great reasons on why it’s important to love your job:

  1. You deserve to love your job.

  2. It’s good to create lasting relationships.

  3. You have a chance to stand out - take it.

  4. A less stressful job means a healthier you.

  5. You deserve a chance to grow.

I’ve also given a few examples of what these benefits look like in practice. Happy reading!

1. You deserve to love your job 

Why is it important to love your job? Simple. Because you deserve to love your job. 

You should be nurtured and cared for within your employment. When you look for work, keep in mind that a company is buying your time and your talent. Sometimes we forget this and feel beholden to the company, so try and find a place that will give you as much respect as you give it. 

Being deserving of a job to love also allows you to carry out an audit of your current work. If you don’t love it, why not consider moving on? If you can’t just yet, what can you do to make your work more enjoyable? Remember, you can improve every experience..

2. It’s good to create lasting relationships

Even if you don’t particularly like the work you do, creating lasting relationships with your colleagues can actually make it fun. Good relationships are a key component of why it’s important to love your job.

A good environment and positive workplace culture can create the best conditions in which you can do your best work. This is all based on relationships. We can define a relationship using the following questions:

  • is there open communication?

  • is there trust?

  • do they welcome diversity?

  • are they mindful?

  • is there mutual respect?

Creating lasting relationships helps to create wellbeing. Addressing and creating wellbeing at work increases productivity by as much as 12%. 

Try and find an environment where everyone builds relationships, where everyone celebrates each other and their respective cultures.

It’s good to work from a common culture. What this means is having a shared set of holistic goals that don’t represent monthly profits or business KPIs. It’s more like creating and working by a set of philosophies that bring the people of your organisation together. It’s simple things like this that work to bring us together. 

3. You have a chance to stand out - take it

Every job gives us a list of duties that we’re responsible for. A lot of our confidence comes from being able to do these jobs not only correctly, but also efficiently. But these are only base-level duties and it’s up to us to build upon them.

If we have a job to do, we can choose to do it or we can choose to do it well. Let me add to that. We can choose to do a certain job so well that people will go “Wow.” By working from your very best, the cliched 110%, you celebrate yourself and show your prowess. 

You came here to get things done, so why not do them amazingly?

4. A less stressful job means a healthier you

It’s important to love your job so that you can be and feel healthier. Disliking a job creates stress and stress does us no good. 

“Consistent negative thoughts, worry and stress can cause serious harm to the body physically, and can certainly get in the way of you being a more productive worker,” writes researcher Katie McBeth.

We understand that it’s not easy to change jobs if you dislike your current one, but there’s always time to de-stress and make your work a little more enjoyable. 


5. You deserve a chance to grow

Every job gives us the option to grow and develop. It’s up to us to act upon that. 

Boosting growth and development increases our opportunities for new experiences, new relationships and better jobs. Showing that we’re invested in our jobs and roles tells the people around us that we mean business.

What’s that old Latin phrase? Carpe diem - seize the day! Don’t waste an opportunity to grow. Squeeze all learnable skills out from what you do.

What do these benefits look like?

At this point, I’d recommend asking yourself ‘Why is it important to love your job?’ so that you can answer the question for yourself. What is it that you believe makes a job worth loving? Because you’re the most important person in this equation. 

The best places to work will be the ones that go the extra mile. Ones in which good and honest work is created in an open, friendly environment and comes with a whole range of brilliant benefits. 


Benefits like these come from working in an open environment, one that thrives on communication, positivity, and a shared culture. If you want an example, read up on what it’s like to work at an inbound marketing agency.

These benefits can be simple things like finishing early on a Friday or access to employee training and educational material. Loving your job helps you to be proud of the work you do and the benefits should balance the work you put in. 

You deserve to work in a job that you love

I can attest to the benefits of working in a great place. 

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