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From zero leads to international recognition

About Enonic

Enonic is a Norwegian tech company, founded in 2000. They are providing a web platform for digital teams where developers and editors can work together to build better customer journeys.

Together, with the service of Avidly and the usage of  HubSpot CRM & Marketing Hub, Enonic has increased both website traffic, leads and international customers. Enonic’s journey started with zero leads, but today they are recognized internationally.






Starting point

Challenges to get leads and increase visibility 

In today's society, which is constantly characterized by everyday life being digitized more and more, is it enough to just have a good product? 2015 marked the year of a new launch in Enonic’s history. They had faith in their new platform and at first thought, it was going to sell itself, they discovered this was not the case.

– Our marketing strategy was simple and straightforward: If the product is good enough, then it sells itself. And the product is good, but in an Enterprise world, it is no longer enough. After the launch, we participated in a number of events to get the platform out into the world, but we quickly found out that this was not the solution, says Morten Øien Eriksen.

The biggest challenge for Enonic to succeed was to get leads and visibility, not only in Norway but also abroad.

Enonic’s platform targets the B2B market. With a complex product, a longer buyer’s journey also follows. Morten further says that the inbound marketing method has contributed to them now being able to meet the customer’s needs throughout the customer journey. Previous activities such as cold calling and traditional advertising have had to give way to more modern approaches.

– We started using HubSpot and we saw early results. This led us on to inbound marketing, says Morten.

“We even get feedback from potential customers who say that they have spent several days reading up on all our content and that they are very happy with what we teach them.”

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Morten Øien Eriksen, Co-Founder and CEO, Enonic

What we did 

Inbound marketing to increase visibility


With changing consumer buying habits, visibility is a recognizable challenge for many businesses. It is simply a challenge to get people to find your business online and make their services or products visible.

- We had a website that more or less only existed. We had about 300-400 visitors a month. With inbound marketing, and all marketing initiatives and activities, these numbers have skyrocketed. Today we have about 9,000 unique visitors a month.

Morten further says that there are no other options for Enonic than to ensure increased visibility. New ways of consumer habits require new approaches. With the typical Enonic customer needing longer buyer journeys, providing content, teaching and nurturing them along the journey in a more modern way has been a new discovery for them.

– We even get feedback from potential customers who say that they have spent several days reading up on all our content and that they are very happy with what we teach them, says Morten.

The increase in traffic has also meant that Enonic has a better and more seamless sales process. Cold calling has been replaced with automated and systematic follow-ups of ready-to-sell prospects.

The Results

  • 2 500 % increase in website traffic (from 3-400 monthly visitors to 9000 unique visitors)
  • Increase in leads. These leads are also far more relevant than before thanks to inbound content
  • Increase in international customers 

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