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New website with improved UX and lead generation

About ADDQ

ADDQ is a Swedish consultancy company founded in 2006 working with quality assurance.

We started to work with ADDQ 2017 when they wanted to start with inbound marketing. That collaboration led to
gaining the confidence to build ADDQ's new website (, with a fresh graphic style and improved navigation. We launched the website in early March 2020 and since then we have continued testing and optimizing the site to see what works best and to increase the conversion rate further.



Starting point

Benefits of working with inbound marketing 


Inbound marketing proved to be highly effective for ADDQ, a consulting company that offers services in testing, requirement and quality assurance. It was Marie Sundbom, the newly appointed marketing manager, who implemented inbound marketing into ADDQ’s marketing strategy. When she started her new role as a marketing manager, she quickly discovered there was a lack of a functioning collaboration between the marketing and sales department. She also noticed a lack of a method for measuring and following up on marketing efforts.

When Marie was doing her research on digital agencies, she fell in love with Avidly's blog, specifically the "Marketing Manager's Guide to inbound marketing". After a while, we contacted Marie and began our collaboration. Before the collaboration, ADDQ’s marketing and sales efforts were more traditional consisting of cold calls and outbound marketing campaigns.

Avidly’s responsiveness and effectiveness were crucial

The flexibility of working with an agency rather than hiring an internal resource was the reason ADDQ chose to collaborate with Avidly, a collaboration that Marie has appreciated a lot.

- I would definitely recommend Avidly to other companies. They are responsive and incredibly efficient, in addition, they are experts in inbound, she explains.

With digitalisation, buyer behaviour has changed drastically. It is important to be present, relevant and offer value. In addition to implementing inbound as a method, Avidly also helped ADDQ create buyer personas, work out a strategy for content and set goals for marketing.

Marie also wanted to emphasize the effects ADDQ gained with HubSpot:

- Inbound gives a very good insight into your marketing efforts, and what works well and what doesn’t work at all. With HubSpot, we have been able to streamline our marketing efforts by creating automatic flows and in a simple way able to analyze and measure all activities.

“The team at Avidly is responsive, fast-moving and proactive. They helped us become forward-leaning in our marketing and to elevate our digital presence.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

Marie Sundbom, Marketing Manager at Addq

What we did

Creation of a new website

The mission was to create a new, modern and "edgy" website that puts ADDQ's brand at the forefront of its industry. The website was developed according to the GDD (Growth-Driven Design) method where the website is continuously improved based on tests and real data after the first version of the website is launched.

The overall goals of the new website were:

  • Clearer structure in presenting ADDQ’s services
  • Clarity in structure and navigation
  • Facilitate purchasing decisions
  • Create more relevant leads
  • Focus on employer branding and recruitment


One of the challenges of working on the website was to ensure all content is quality assured according to the same standard ADDQ uses for its customers. This meant, for example, all design elements such as texts and buttons needed to be clear and have good readability on all screens. It was also important for the site to be easily navigable without being boring. The code work (back-end and front-end) was also quality assured according to ADDQ's standards.

Like in all GDD projects, we started with a pre-study and a workshop to set the strategy, which was then used as a basis for launching the website and for its optimization and continued development. In the strategy work, we analyzed their current website, SEO and keywords. We also did a competitor analysis of selected companies.

Finally, we developed and prioritized a wishlist together with ADDQ, containing functions and elements to be added to the site.


  • Streamlined marketing efforts with strategies and automation.
  • After two years with inbound, conversions have increased by 400 %
  • Increased traffic to the blog by 180%.


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