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KIWA & Avidly HubSpot Solutions

Described as a complicated migration by many, our team made it look simple

Kiwa is a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). With its certification, inspection, testing, training and consultancy services, it creates trust in customer products, services, processes, systems and employees.

Erkki Mäkelä, Head of Kiwa's Digital Services Business Unit, was looking to push the growth and internationalisation of the company's software.

The main digital solutions of Erkki's team are Kiwa Impact and Kiwa Comply. These divisions offer a comprehensive mobile HSEQ management solution that enables their customers to manage and improve their health and safety, environment and quality operations.

The company consists of three modules: HSEQ mobile reporting, chemical registry and training registry. Kiwa's cornerstones regarding its solution are usability, customisability and effectiveness.


Kiwa's HubSpot background


Kiwa had already been using HubSpot for four to five years before they began working with CRM Toolbox as they became part of Avidly HubSpot Solutions.

The company began with Sales Hub, before later implementing Service Hub. In spring 2023, Kiwa began implementing Marketing Hub to complete their current set of hubs.

Kiwa was looking to migrate data from one HubSpot portal to another and was therefore searching for a HubSpot partner to help them with its migration project.


"Without you, Kiwa might not have continued with HubSpot."

Erkki Makela

Erkki Mäkelä -
Head of Digital Services Business Unit

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Kiwa began its search for a migration partner after the company realised it was unable to perform the HubSpot migration alone.

The brand received four to five proposals from different suppliers, but none offered a fixed price for the project. As well as this, all proposals detailed extensive migrations at high costs.

Due to this back and forth with multiple suppliers, Kiwa contemplated moving away from HubSpot entirely.

Making migrations simple.

“The first meeting was a sales meeting and I think it was the best sales meeting I've had in a while. CRM Toolbox made everything very simple, especially compared to earlier experiences with other suppliers, who said the whole thing is hard and will cost a lot of money.”

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Erkki Mäkelä — Kiwa


Avidly HubSpot Solutions was recommended to Kiwa via a HubSpot sales representative who had experience with the same team at CRM Toolbox in the past.

Our team presented a migration solution to Kiwa, which would see them migrate to a new HubSpot portal from its existing one to reset a new data strategy.

Kiwa chose us as its solutions partner because of:

  • Clear pricing — The careful and consistent management of a myriad of issues
  • Agile working — Retrieving information from direct sources and working closely together with CRM Toolbox specialists
  • Customer centricity — The ability to understand Kiwa's situations, perceptions and expectations
  • Solutions orientation — Kiwa was assisted in developing goals and solutions rather than only current problems being explored

We helped Kiwa with its migration and HubSpot contract extension, so the company could return to maximising HubSpot's potential.

The migration took just three weeks to complete starting from the first meeting with the team.



Would you like your HubSpot migration to be this painless?

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