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Tiger Balm strengthens its brand with a new inspiring website

About Tigerbalsam 

Tiger Balm’s well-known product has been manufactured for over 100 years and has its origins in Chinese medicine. As a blood circulation liniment, it is used to increase the blood supply in the desired body part but also for pain relief and tension relief.

The Swedish website had not been updated for several years and its layout did not reflect the modern and sporty impression that the company wanted to convey. In addition, the site was administered in an old CMS (Content Management System) that did not support responsiveness, which meant that the website was not adapted to mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets.

Starting point 

Wish for a new, more sporty feeling of the brand 

The goal of Tiger Balm's new site was to highlight the products more and to inform about their use and benefits in a clear and inspiring way. To further strengthen the brand, Team Tigerbalsam - a tough group of strong-willed, elite athletes and women of different ages - will be highlighted centrally. This is to create awareness about Team Tigerbalsam and that the products are used by real athletes. This will make more retailers interested in selling Tiger Balm.

Another request from the client was to make it easier for consumers to read about, and find the product in the nearest store. The company wants their end consumer to make the decision to buy Tiger Balm on the web and for retailers to get the desire to become part of a fast-paced brand.

“The collaboration with Avidly has been completely unpretentious. In fact, one of the most flexible web projects I have been involved in. Would definitely recommend Avidly to anyone.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

Marzena Langsdale, Consultant Art Director, Tigerbalsam

What we did 

Avidly‘s approach 


In order to meet the Chinese and global brand guidelines, some adjustments needed to be made. It was also important to comply with all rules regarding sales and marketing of non-prescription medicines on the web.

The starting point for the project was a workshop with Tiger Balm where Avidly's strategists together with the customer sorted out exactly who the company's target groups are and how they should be attracted in the best way. Before the workshop, Avidly also conducted a competitor analysis and a preliminary proposal for a new page structure.

The design is developed to partly reflect Tiger Balm's long-standing Chinese brand, and partly to showcase the more sporty and modern side through Team Tigerbalsam. The layout is clean with an oriental touch where the tiger is used as a common thread throughout the design.

To increase the quality of the brand, Avidly produced new product images, both for the web and for other uses. Avidly has also recorded films with the members of Team Tigerbalsam and photographed them for the site.

The Results

After the design and development were completed, Tiger Balm was able to launch its new Swedish website in February 2020. The reactions from the customer and the team were consistently positive: Team Tigerbalsam's Markus Robert wrote: "incredibly cool page, really nice how you got this together!"

Users also liked the new web. For example, it took only a few days after the launch until the first registration of interest to become a reseller came in.

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