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500% more traffic never goes out of style for Weavabel, experts in product packaging and trims for the clothing industry

Weavabel were established in 1980. They have a rich history in their industry and are well known for everything they offer. They've grown consistently and now support over 900+ brands globally with branding and packaging products - this wasn't always the case.

As a company grows so do their challenges, positioning and needs. This story starts at the beginning of our long-standing partnership, 5 years ago, and takes you through to a recent project we completed for them. It resulted in a new brand and website that would help them push the boundaries of what's possible even more. 

Meet Trudi


Avidly has worked with Weavabel for a long time now. This relationship started before Trudi joined the Weavabel team, but she is now our key point of contact and we work closely with her and the rest of the team on a very regular basis. 

Trudi is the Marketing Coordinator and "she spends her time working between Avidly and the internal sales teams."

Trudi says that Avidly has "a very patient, helpful and supportive team" which means we achieve great things together and implement strategies that have proven very successful. 

Her main goal in this is business growth with a particular push on presenting Weavabel as experts in sustainable product development. 

You can hear more from Trudi in the video above.

"To me, my team is the agency. It's not two businesses working together, we are one team."


Trudi Ellis -
Marketing Coordinator

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Like most companies that turn to us for marketing support, the challenges Weavabel experienced were very familiar. To put it briefly:

  • They had no real marketing team.  1 person in marketing makes it hard to do everything you want to achieve.
  • They had HubSpot but didn't have the expertise to help them get the most from it. It was almost a wasted tool.
  • Lead generation was a struggle. And the leads they were attracting weren't the right type of leads, which was leaving people with a big frustration.

Alongside all of that, they knew they weren't even touching the sides of what was possible. They were missing big opportunities in Europe and across the world.  

They had big aspirations. Their target market is mid- to high-end fashion brands who are concerned about branding and this included some really well-known brands like Superdry and Ted Baker.

Branding: Then vs Now

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 14.25.23
Image: Website Home Page 2019

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 12.25.46
Image: Website Home Page - July 2022

An enthusiastic team who are always keen to help.

“The team at Avidly are very knowledgeable & enthusiastic on any subject - be it inbound marketing, web design, social media - you name it, they know it! And we love working with them because they're always in-the-know on the latest trends and know what works/what doesn't work through their experience working across different industries and with different platforms.”

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Trudi Ellis - Weavabel


It was clear early on that this could be a long-term relationship and consistency would be key for them. In our team kick off notes it says, "we are a part of their marketing team. They are looking for guidance and advice throughout. If we feel an approach is unnecessary they they want us to say so."
As we enter our 5th year in partnership, that has been true. We started working with them on an inbound retainer and marketing hub and since then we have helped and supported them across all areas of the marketing mix and offered advice across all parts of the HubSpot platform including:

  • Marketing Hub
  • CRM Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Sales Hub

There are 4 points that allowed us to do this:

1. Consistency

The biggest factor in the success of Weavabel has been consistency. They trusted the process and enjoyed the journey. We have truly become an embedded part of their team.

2. Relationship building

Paul Mortimer, who was Content Manager at the time Weavabel came on board, says "Right since the kick-off meeting, there have been people who've really enjoyed working on this account because of the industry they're in. It's right up a lot of our team's alley (fashion industry) and I remember us juggling around people on the account to get the best-suited personalities onto their account."

3. Openness to new ideas

Being open to new ideas has allowed us to really shine. They've trusted our experience, even as their team grew and they've given us a lot of creative freedom on videos too. 

4. Not relying on one silver bullet

We all know inbound marketing works, but their success is not just the result of one tactic. Their success is the culmination of various tactics and strategies. 

  • Inbound Marketing 
  • SEO 
  • PPC 
  • Social Media
  • New website
  • Growth Driven Design/ Continuous improvement 
  • New Branding - with slow roll out

Growth has kept coming and with that, they've taken the right actions at the right time.


Results & Impact


Collaboration and strong relationships has been key to achieving amazing success for Weavabel and this is a journey that is far from over, but let's take a look at where we are.

With a primary goal of business growth, it's important to look at all metrics. First and foremost, the website sessions have continued to grow month on month which translates to a really healthy pipeline for the company. 

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 10.27.03

Whilst not quantitative, they really are known as experts in trims and product development which is obvious by the calibre of the companies who are coming through in their deals.

We can't share exactly who they are, but believe me, they're well-known and prove that they're the go-to in the industry.

We can almost guarantee you will have a Weavabel product somewhere on a garment in your wardrobe.

Since starting work with Avidly in 2019, they have increased the amount of work they do with us and the working relationships are fantastic.

Trudi has direct contact with the team which allows for an agile and responsive service meaning there is a fast turnaround on ideas, and initiatives and therefore a quicker impact.

Trudi says, "To me, my team is the agency. It's not two businesses working together, we are one team." 

This is a testament to their openness and willingness to trust us and our processes. Trudi went on to explain that she's enjoyed seeing the wider processes that we use and has taken them to Weavabel and implemented the processes their which has led to a much more streamlined approach for them.

When asked about the best thing about working with Avidly, Trudi said it's the enthusiasm. We've got a 'Young and Old team' but every single one is so enthusiastic about HubSpot and loves Weavabel's products as much as they do and want them, to grow. And that's exactly what they're doing achieving a record-breaking month in March 2023 with £627k pipeline revenue and £25k closed won revenue for them from multiple channels.

image (5)

Visibility is often a key winner for companies who use HubSpot across the board and this case is much the same. Since having their website on the CMS, everything links up and feeds into their system really effectively and they can do really tailored reporting. Everything from a website session right through to the deal pipeline can be tracked and no one is ever in any doubt about where the leads are coming from, and which strategies are most effective for them. Trudi sings the praises of HubSpot in the video above, concluding that it's a 'really clever system.' We wholeheartedly agree and we're super pleased that they're reaping the rewards of it, every day. 

In the words of Trudi, "We can stick to being experts in trims and product packaging, but we're working with a team of constantly growing marketing experts.”

We love working with Weavabel and can't wait to help them continue to grow, testing new ideas and continuing to see them excel as experts in the trims and packaging industry.


increase in website traffic thanks to inbound work & a new HubSpot CMS website


YoY increase in blog views (Apr 22-Apr 23) strong keyword use, getting us a lot of featured snippets, top positions and citations.


Blog clicks in the same year and they are established as thought leaders

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