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ORX Global

A HubSpot membership website that's personalised to user types in the financial sector

ORX embarked on a transformative journey to revamp its membership hub, aiming to provide a seamless experience for members to communicate, showcase events, and access valuable content.

The background


As the largest non-profit operational risk management association in financial services, their clients include major institutions like HSBC and Barclays. ORX don't just limit their services to members but they also provide support to non-members too. 

ORX has a huge array of content and resources that they use to make this possible, but there was lots more that could be done to improve user experience (UX) for their members. Their HubSpot package included  Enterprise Marketing and Professional CMS, Sales, Service and Ops hubs.




They knew they had to upgrade to Enterprise CMS for this project and they knew they needed a HubSpot partner to support their journey. 

With the right software in place, they were ready to address the challenges holding them back from business growth.

A fragmented website which was hard to manage

Maintaining and updating the website was too difficult and time-consuming. They also suffered from  very poor UX for website visitors and members.

Two domains split between members and non-members - further increasing the frustrating UX for members and driving inefficiencies for ORX.

What's more, as a result, their members often didn't know there was a huge wealth of membership content and resources available.

It all worked against what they were trying to create for their community.

Right from the initial kick-off meeting, ORX's Esther and Amy wished they could have 'one site where the people have access to the different materials they need.'

But were even so frustrated with their former site that they admitted 'a personal win would just be someone saying, "That looks nice"' about their site.

Manually managing frequently updated and sensitive content

To date, ORX has been all about helping people manage risk and being a thinking shop to promote effective and efficient risk management.  They wanted to progress into helping becoming an  active partner in managing these risks  and being the platform to help customers access their resources.

But it had been a very manual process in the past and they'd been sending out individual reports by hand to prevent confidentiality breaches.

Chris Knowles, Avidly's Web Services Director said, 'I’ve never seen a client’s HubSpot portal with so much going on in there and it’s all pretty complex stuff.'

Here's what they needed from Avidly: 

  • Strategic advice from UX to SEO
  • A website for both members and non-members
  • Wider HubSpot strategic support and implementation
Fantastic Full Service Website Project

“The UK Avidly team have been fantastic to work with - particularly Tom and Chris who have been endlessly calm and patient with us. Other colleagues brought in for various specialisms such as design, SEO and CRM were all equally good to work with. Nothing seemed like too much trouble, even as our requirements evolved throughout the project, which was more complex than anticipated due to the interaction with our new single sign on solution.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

Amy Lauder - ORX Global


Given the sensitive nature of the data being shared, switching to a technological solution was complex. The project used multiple stages across a 9-12 month duration and involved combining many features including:

  • In-depth discovery and project alignment
  • Website strategy and user journey planning
  • Website and UX design creation
  • Development of the main website and Membership area on HubSpot's CMS
  • Implementing HubSpot's Smart Content and Private Content functionalities
  • Complex API work with their new SSO solution in collaboration with another 3rd party provider
  • Wider HubSpot platform support to fully leverage the Smart CRM

After the in-depth discovery and project alignment work, we identified the two phases:

Phase 1:
  • MVP strategy, design and development of both the main and member's area websites
  • GraphQL, SSO and OAuth work aligned (see video)
  • Extensive wider HubSpot optimisation tasks
Phase 2:

Further post-live website design and development
Ongoing HubSpot platform optimisation support 
Training and support for their internal team

The focus was on utilising all the functionality across all Hubs to give the full 360 view. All whilst assisting with SEO, content quality control, CMS training and more.


Results & Impact


Enhancing the ORX Membership Hub

Data-Driven Decision Making:

The implementation of a robust Enterprise CMS through HubSpot, guided by the expertise of the UK Avidly team, has not only addressed the initial challenges but has positioned ORX at the forefront of data-driven decision-making within its operational risk management initiatives.

User Experience Improvements:

The newly implemented system ensures a smoother, more efficient user experience. Members can now navigate the hub seamlessly, fostering a sense of community that aligns with ORX's vision for a resilient future in financial services.

Measurable Success Metrics:

The impacts of these transformative changes are evident in the tangible success metrics achieved by ORX. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • The website has become a dynamic hub for members, facilitating effective communication and interaction whilst not compromising on the need for safety.
  • The consolidation of membership site URLs has helped to reduce user frustration, contributing to a more cohesive user experience. The streamlined approach aligns with ORX's vision of a unified community platform.
  • The people who visit the platform are more aware of the resources that are available for them and are much more likely to make use of these now.

Impact on Team Dynamics:

The positive changes extend beyond metrics to team dynamics, where the teams, empowered by the data-driven approach, has gained influence and recognition across the organization. Team members now play pivotal roles within the leadership, contributing to strategic decisions.

Ongoing Collaboration and Growth:

The relationship with the UK Avidly team remains strong, with ongoing collaboration to identify further improvements and drive continued growth. The commitment to learning, refining strategies based on data insights, and having fun ensures a sustainable and impactful partnership.

The journey with ORX is far from over.



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